Nature’s Sculpture Garden

Arches National Park stands as a timeless embodiment of the desert's enchanting beauty. Its whispering winds carry tales through the juniper trees’ rustling leaves, echoing across the expanse of its unique sculptures. Arches wakes to the warmth of the sun’s embrace, and revels in the scorching heat of the summer as lizards scurry through the canyons below. Sun-soaked landscapes stretch into a canvas of red rock where towering sandstone arches are formed across the earth. Travelers who visit Arches National Park feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves, like every arch unveils a new chapter in a timeless story.

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Fun Facts About Arches

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In 1929, President Herbert Hoover helped establish Arches National Monument

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The tallest arch in Arches National Park is the south arch of Double Arch, reaching 144 feet

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Over 2,000 arches have been discovered and recorded in Arches National Park

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