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Badlands National Park stands as a testament to time's patient artistry. In the heart of the Midwest, rugged canyons and striped spires compliment the badland’s painted sky. Rays of light dance across the barren landscape as intricate patterns etched by wind and rain show off in the distance. Despite its harsh façade, the badlands welcome playful jackrabbits and watchful prairie dogs into its warm embrace. Travelers who venture into the badlands say they feel a unique connection to the land. As if the wind carries whispers of ancient tales, and the rocks hold the echoes of time itself.

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Fun Facts About Badlands

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Badlands gets its name from the Lakota, who first called it “mako sica” or “land that is bad

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The Badlands area is known worldwide for its large number of fossils found

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The national park protects the largest intact mixed-grass prairie in the United States

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