Utah’s Red Rock Country

Capitol Reef isn't just a park – it's a geologic carnival where every sandstone fold is a window to the past. A place where Mother Nature turned sculptor, carving colossal domes, twisting canyons, and rainbow-hued cliffs into a surreal masterpiece. Beyond its beauty, Capitol Reef appreciates life and is generous with its land. Desert bighorn sheep navigate the winding canyons, and resilient cottonwood trees find sanctuary along the Fremont River. As travelers look out over Capitol Reef National Park, it unfolds like a giant, ancient pop-up book waiting for its vibrant pages to be explored. What are you waiting for?

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Fun Facts About Capitol Reef

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The Fremont People were the first known inhabitants of Capitol Reef around 700 AD

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Mormon pioneers planted fruit trees in the Fruita area starting in the 1880s. Visitors are allowed to pick the fruit when it’s in season

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The remote Waterpocket Fold area was the last land to be mapped and charted in the continental United States

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