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Spain & Morocco

From $2,599 pp*

13 Days • 18 Meals

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    • Service
      5 stars
      The US customer service responded promptly to our queries. The reps were knowledgeable and courteous when answering the calls or the emails.
    • Tour
      4 stars
      1) Many of us arrived in Madrid at about 10 AM on Sep 15th. The Collette tour manager dropped us off at the hotel reception area and left. Nothing to do till the rooms were made available later in the afternoon. Many of the tourists slept in the reception area. Should arrange some optional local tours. 2) Visit to Toledo the next day PM is worth it. 3) The "Renfo AVE fast train ride" from Madrid to Cordoba is NOT worth the price !! What is the point of reaching Cordoba couple of hours earlier and just sit around waiting or walk around aimlessly for over two hours for the rest of the group to show up by bus to begin the local tour!! For those who take the train option, include some local tour in Cordoba for those couple of hours. 4) Paella Demonstration was rushed through and did NOT make much of an impression. Maybe should go to the internet to find out more about Paella cooking. 5) Chaos on the boat from Tarifa to Tanger trying to get the Moroccan visa. The tour manager should organize the process better and not just walk away leaving the tourists to their own devices !! 5) The two hours or more spent in Chefchaouen looking at a Medina should be eliminated. Instead only stop for lunch and then move on. We can spend that two extra hours in Fez which is more interesting !! Collette may even pursue flying tourists from Tanger to Fez unless flying domestic airlines is not an option. 5) In Morocco, too many Medina ( ancient part of the town) visits. After a couple of visits, they all start to look alike. Should cut down the number of Medina visits and replace those visits with something more interesting. 6) In these Medinas, the very narrow uneven cobble stone streets and the uneven stair steps pose hazard to tourists - especially when they had to look up instead of watching their steps, to see features of interest pointed out by the guide. 7) "Marrakesh by night"- the coach ride is not worth the trouble. A long walk to the restaurant should be eliminated. 8) Rick's cafe not worth the time. Recommendation: Review the tour program and make necessary changes to make the tour more attractive. Stay: 1) My notes about the hotel stays were lost so I am not able to associate the hotels with the issues we faced. In a hotel, the water in the sink and the bath tub would not empty. The Front desk said that they would send a plumber to fix the problem. We stayed two nights. No plumber showed up. 2) In Cordoba, our room #415 has two doors. One door is supposed to be always open and the inner door opened with the card key. When we returned from breakfast, the first door was locked and would not open with the card key. We had to get our baggage out for pick up. Rushed down to the front desk but the lady at the desk was no help. After about 15 minutes delay, a mechanic showed up and took him about 20 minutes to unlock the first door. 3) In a couple of hotels in Spain and Morocco, the card key would not work even the very first time. In one case, the front desk had to make the key a couple of times before it would work. 4) In one hotel, the bath tub was so high many ladies complained about difficulty getting into the tub for shower. Potential for some one getting hurt. Recommendation: Use your leverage as a major customer to pressure the hotels to make sure the rooms are in good condition and everything in the rooms in working order just before the guests arrive. Tour guides: 1) The tour managers in Spain and Morocco simply told the members to rotate daily their seats so that those in the back of the bus will have a chance to move to the front. But did NOT enforce. The result some members always grabbed the front seats and those who sat in the back grumbled. When some tourists followed the rule and tried to move to the front, those who would not follow the rule caused a bit of tension. That is bad. Solution: The tour managers should prepare well in advance of the tour, a bus seat map and prepare excel sheet of the seat assignment for each day and post it daily in the bus so that every body is aware of the assignment. 2) The tour managers and local guides are fairly well versed. But using the "whisperer" device for such a large group of 44 members is not working out well especially in the narrow streets of the Medinas. Solution: Split the group into manageable size of 12-15 members. Which means more local guides.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette to Spain & Morocco and for providing us with a thorough review of your tour. Your feedback will be reviewed by the Product Design Team and Tour Management departments so that the overall touring experience for our guests can be improved.

    Collette Support
  • Trip touched on certain areas, more than other places, pace very fast.

    • Service
      4 stars
      Service was good.
    • Tour
      4 stars
      Very large group. The pace was very fast was told by Tour Guide this is not a shopping trip. When some wanted to do some shopping . I must state the guide in Spain was very thoughtful and helped me quite a bit, Very sociable , he has trouble with English terminology, group size did not help. A few more trips he will be more prepared. He was overwhelmed.
  • One of our lest liked trips.

    • Service
      One of the poorest organized trips we have taken. Poor tour directors.
    • Tour
      Did not care for lical guides at all in Morocco. Spains were ok. In Spain Cordoba best visit.Would loved staying there over night.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Spain & Morocco tour. A member of the Guest Relations Team will be reaching out to discuss your feedback

    Collette Support

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