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Israel: A Journey of Faith

From $1,949 pp*

9 Days • 15 Meals

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    • Service
      Our tour in Israel was exceptional - the tour guide took such great care of us, was very knowledgeable, went above and beyond to make sure we had the best tour we could possibly have. The second half, into Jordan, while it had a few highlights, was not nearly as good. Our tour guide didn't use the Whispers and was difficult to understand. Wadi Rum and Petra were amazing, but for a four day tour, those were the only real highlights. When we were taken to the border to cross back over into Israel, we were pretty much just dropped there with no instruction or guidance. Once we got through and our bus took us to the hotel, again, we were just dropped there and expected to work it all out. I think that it would be good to note that to leave a bunch of Gentiles in Israel on a Shabbat is not a great idea. We were pretty much ignored and made to feel like a bother. Not a great end to what was an exceptional start to a trip. Again, Eddy, our beginning tour guide was wonderful. We would go back just to see him! He also made sure that we knew when we needed to be ready to be picked up to head back to the USA. He obviously knew that there would be no help when we came back from Jordan. Not sure if I would go through Collette again. It was a lot of money to be just left hanging at the end.
    • Tour
      See last field.....................

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Israel: A Journey of Faith tour. We're sorry to hear about the issues you experienced on the Jordan extension. Your feedback will be forwarded to our ground operator for further review so that the overall touring experience for our guests can be improved.

    Collette Support
    • Service
      Usually fly American international. Was happy to try Delta, plane comfortable, food was terrible, arrival time from Chicago to JFK, just made it. Left gate on time but sat for 40 minutes in Chicago. Local guides were good. Billy in Israel did a good job, saw many sites, however he said he did not know we were a Catholic Group, wanted to see Church of Dormition, which was on the schedule, we saw David's tomb , which was NOT what we wanted to see. Everything was rushed, so we did not get to spend much time in the Holy Scared Places. Stirred our shopping to places where he would receive a kick back. They were like vultures on us in Bethlehem shop. Bus transportation in Jordan, 1st had a smaller bus that was dirty for p/u at border, had to store luggage on bus. Bus driver smoked, we had to say something to tour guide, we had a bigger bus the next day, which did not have great A/C & was VERY dirty. I had to clean my space myself. Bus drivers in both Israel & Jordan , did a very good job handling the bus. P/U from hotel in Israel to airport was very disorganized, they did not send a ride for all, we had to call a few times to get this done. My p/u ride at Ohare, was not waiting inside as I was told. When I finally connected with him he came & apologized he said that was his fault.
    • Tour
      Hotels in Israel, avg. Food at hotels avg. Elevators use pretty slow. All the Holy sites were beautiful!, would like more time to pray. Jordan was amazing...loved Petra, & Wadi RUM didn't care for the restaurant where we had dinner in Petra, this was my least favorite restaurant on tour. Marriott's were great, & the better hotels. We asked our tour guide about visiting Spring of Moses, he said he had to ask the bus driver. We never visited it, very disappointing as we were very close, also since there were 4 sites near & dear to Christianity in Jordan, we should have visited all these sites. The Roman ruins & Byzantine church should have been substituted out The Tent restaurant in Israel was great. Overall we saw some wonderfully inspiring sites. Billy was a wealth of knowledge & info, Loved being in the Holy Land & Jordan, & loved traveling with the Church of the Resurrection Group, made some wonderful new friends

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Discover Israel: A Journey of Faith tour. We're sorry to hear about the issues you experienced on tour. Your feedback will be reviewed by Guest Relations.

    Collette Support
  • Visit to many holy sites (printed on the itinerary) were eliminated.

    • Service
      Use a Christian guide for Pilgrimage to Holy Land.
    • Tour
      This is supposed to be a Journey of Faith - I joined the tour to nourish my soul. But my heart was crushed beyond repair because there are many scheduled visits (listed in the itinerary) that were eliminated. On page 14 of the Collette Vacation document, it is mentioned that we "Celebrate Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site of His crucifixion, burial and resurrection." This never happened. Instead, we had only ONE mass, held in a gazebo in the backyard of a church. We had to set up the chairs and stack the chairs back after mass. During the homily, the mosque nearby blasting their loudspeaker - praying in arabic. We could not even hear what our Priest said, even though he spoke louder than usual. We learned later on that the other Collette group that were touring the Holy Land at the same time as ours, had a mass at the Holy Sepulchre. Why was our group not given the opportunity to attend the same mass, it is a very big question. So in our Journey of Faith we had only one mass, in the backyard of a church near a mosque. This tour is very, very bad, well below our expectation. Many of our fellow pilgrims used their whole life savings to take this ultimate journey, a once in a life time journey - and Collette failed them. Collette, as I understand it, is a Catholic organization, or an organization that is under leadership of Catholic lay people. The fact that Collette did not give Catholic pilgrims the opportunity to "follow the steps of Jesus" is very troubling. If a Catholic organization would not help other Catholics - who would? Page 14 of the Collette Vacation Documents also includes a "visit to the Church of Dormition (commemorating Our Lady's Assumption." This visit was eliminated completely. The pilgrims were denied to commemorate our Blessed Mother. I am lucky that this is my second pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I wanted to go back and touch the wooden and ivory effigy of our Blessed Mother. I wished my fellow pilgrims had the opportunity to do the same. I am very sorry for them. Wedding Renewal - Franciscan Church in Cana. When we arrived at Cana, we were told that we could not have the wedding renewal service, because Collette did not reserve the church. Our Priest had to talk to the Sister in charge, and she let Father use the chapel for the service. If we depended on Collette - we would not have this service. Baptism: We almost did not have this service. Collette did not reserve one "platform" for this service. Our priest had to perform the baptism "between two "platforms." When I went on my first Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we had daily mass, wedding renewal was part of a mass, and we had one whole platform for our group for the baptism. In other words, it was a very well organized pilgrimage, we visited every site that is very important to our Catholic faith, from the announcement of the birth of our Lord, the Baptism of our Lord, His first Miracle at Cana, His ministries, His Transfiguration, His Death and Resurrection, His Ascension,and His meeting with St. Peter after His resurrection. That is a "true Journey of Faith." The trip to the Holy Land with Collette, on the other hand, is just a regular tour, highlighting the Roman ruins. I think it can even be categorized as "deceptive advertisement" because Collette did not deliver what is listed in the itinerary. Had we known that the tour would only have one mass in the back yard of a church with the arabic prayer blasting through a loudspeaker, many of us would not have joined the tour. Had we known that there were only a few holy sites to be visited during the tour, many of us would not join the tour. I am very disappointed with Collette Holy Land Tour. In all fairness, I have to say that I was satisfied with my previous tours with Collette: Pilgrimage to Lourdes, and trip to Macchu Piccu. But this last trip with Collete really disappointing. Some friends asked me about my trip to the Holy Land with Collette. I responded honestly: TERRIBLE!!!

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Discover Israel: A Journey of Faith tour. We're very sorry to hear about the issues you experienced on tour. Your feedback is being reviewed by Guest Relations.

    Collette Support

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