More about Venice, Italy

Marvel at the patchwork of canals and bridges that bring Venice, the “Jewel of the Adriatic” to life. Watch gondoliers glide by with enamored couples in tow. Catch a spectacular sunset along the tranquil Venetian banks. Explore the vibrant arts scene at one of Venice’s fascinating museums. This incomparable Italian city is best experienced with local guides who know every stitch of land and sea. Let’s explore things to do in Venice together.

Why visit Venice

Historic Sites

The historic sites you’ll encounter while wandering along Venice’s footpaths and riverside quays only bolster the originality and charm of this unique city. Whether you crave to learn more about how this water-locked paradise came to be or wish to walk across one of its iconic bridges, it won’t take much to be captivated by Venice. Here are some historic highlights we recommend on your Venetian getaway.

Art and Culture

Like the city itself, Venice’s art and cultural scenes are known for being one-of-a-kind. From trendsetting fashions to controversial and evocative artwork, Venice is known for defying convention. Explore the city’s museums and creative happenings to connect with Venetian culture on a deeper level.


Thanks to ample water and lagoon aquaculture, the seafood in Venice is truly divine. This metropolis offers a wide variety of distinctive food and drink. Let us whet your appetite for delectable Venetian fare.