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Reviews Of Spain's Classics & Portugal

Spain's Classics & Portugal

From $2,699 pp*

14 Days • 19 Meals

  • Horrible tour. Collette does't care.

    • Service
      We were left at Madrid airport after our plane was late getting in. Called the US to tell them this problem and after 15 minutes of arguing with them to get us transportation to our hotel, they finally decided to do so. It was a good thing we had a phone to use or I don't know what would have happened. We are now in a foreign country with no Euros (our tour guide was to have some for us). The tour guide was too busy with her own personal problems to care for her tour group. Newly married and a graduate paper due in days. The tour itself was not as presented fully in the write up. We did not go into the Alahambra and everything else we did was too rush rush with very little time to explore further on your own. At New hotel areas she was never at before, she didn't, know where or what restaurants were in the area. This should have been researched before by her or by Collette. The tour should have been 2 or 3 days longer and Segrada Familia which we booked on our own before the trip, should have been included. I will never go with Collette again. I believe they cheapened the tour, the food and the hotels. The first thing we did when we got home was to cancel our Btritish tour with them and had to hassle to do that. Customer service was not great. When asked how we liked our trip by people in our community, we told them not to use Collette due to our terrible experience and will continue to do so.
    • Tour
      We were stranded at the Madrid airport as our plane was late in arriving. No one from Collette was there to meet us. We called the US to get help, argued for 15 minutes with them until they agreed to get us transportation to the hotel. The tour guide was not very helpful and was preoccupied the whole time with personal matters like a graduate paper due that week. The tour did not fulfill what was written in their descriptions. You did not go into the palace at the Alahambra, you just toured the gardens. Everything was rushed. The quality of food and hotels was not 4star quality. I would not use Collette again. Customer service was not good also.

    Thank you for contacting us again in regards to your Spain's Classics tour. Your comments will be used to enhance future tours.

    Collette Support
  • Places were amazing, but tour needs to be expanded.

    • Service
      We had higher expectations of. ollette based on previous experience. Our tour manager was nice but lacking. The sites, the local guides -all good. We would have liked more time to explore even if that meant additional day(s), additional cost. More free time to see what we missed.
    • Tour
      4 stars
      Explained complaint previously. Sites were great, tour manager lacking. We are very glad we added to beginning of trip on our own so we were able to explore the Lisbon area more. Also glad we took most of the optional tours especially Monserrat. Our expensive added tour of Madrid at night was not worth it however. There was just the drive from the restaurant back to the hotel - not as advertised, but this could have been the manager’s fault.

    Thank you for traveling on our Spain's Classics & Portugal tour. A member of the Guest Relations Team will be reaching out to discuss your feedback.

    Collette Support
    • Service
      Worst tour I have ever been on. You left - basically abandoned - two elderly women in a foreign airport upon arrival when you promised to meet us and transport us to the hotel. The tour manager never fostered interaction with the tourists. The welcome dinner was just dinner, no welcome, who are you, where are you from? When asked questions, the tour manager would respond with "You should know that." The tours were rushed and were very cheap basic tours. We did not have access to the interiors of the two most visited places in Spain, the Alhambra and La Sagrada Familia. The food was adequate but definitely on the lower end of the scale. At most dinners several people returned their food to be recooked or changed to another selection. We were given dinner at one restaurant before its normal hours and locals gathered around us waiting for us to get up from the tables. The tour manager left before all the tourists were on a shuttle for the airport. The tourists had to fend for themselves if there was a problem with the shuttle as there was with the first shuttle.
    • Tour
      The tour was very poorly paced. There was never time to enjoy an area or shop. There was no entrance to the interiors of the two most visited sites in Spain. My favorite experience was the tour I booked independently where I visited the inside of the Sagrada Familia.

    Thank you for contacting us again in regards to your Spain's Classics tour. Your comments will be used to enhance future tours.

    Collette Support

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