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Beyond Summer: Tour Picks the Rest of the Year

by Liz Deslauriers

July 15, 2022

5 minute read

Sure, a vacation mentality comes standard with summer, but what about all the travel you can do during the rest of the year? For my North American readers, the summer season is here now, and it’s the perfect time to look ahead to book fall, winter, and early spring adventures afar. At the same time Down Under, it’s winter coming up on spring. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what season it is where you live – only where and when you want to travel.

So, whatever the weather is where you’re coming from, here’s a rundown of Collette tours that may hit the spot and satisfy your appetite for travel in the months ahead.

If your travel timeframe is September through November…

I’ll admit this has long been my favorite time of year for travel. I’ve been a New Englander for roughly 20 years, so naturally I’m all about that crisp air, pumpkin-spiced everything, and admiring the foliage during fall in the region (check out our Colors of New England tour). Personally, my fondest autumn adventures have been abroad exploring Scotland and Ireland.

Scotland in all its moody wonder is perfect for fall. Whether exploring the walkable city of Edinburgh and its fascinating haunts, visiting castles, experiencing the beauty of the Highlands, or sampling the country's warming whiskies, it’s a bonnie time to Discover Scotland. Meanwhile, Ireland still boasts plenty of green in the fall as seaside towns get a little cozier and many Emerald Isle landmarks get a bit less busy, setting the stage for an authentic Irish experience you';ll never forget. Experience city, sea, and countryside in this land of charm on Collette’s Shades of Ireland tour. You could even add a 3-night extension in Edinburgh for a wee taste of Scotland.

Australia and New Zealand are in their spring this time of year and it’s a wonderful time to explore this part of the world. Check out Collette’s Australia’s Outback to New Zealand’s South Island tour and more tour options in this region for your perfect experience.

If you are craving a cultural deep dive in another country before the calendar year draws to a close, consider booking a small group Explorations tour for unique experiences afar. From medieval cities to natural wonders, experience the region including Croatia and Bosnia amid fall’s cooler temperatures and fewer crowds on our A Taste of the Balkans tour.

If your travel timeframe is December through February…

Experience a festive atmosphere abroad over the holidays or plan an escape someplace warm and sunny during your home turf’s coldest months. I usually find my own wanderlust peaks shortly after the new year, so really, it would be wise just to plan around that now.

City Holidays: The capital cities of London and Paris merit visits any time of year, but to experience them both during the holidays would make an unforgettable gift. Visit London’s historic sites like the Tower of London or Shakespeare’s Globe and get a taste of London life in bustling markets and pubs in full “Happy Christmas” spirit. Then let the glitz of Paris usher in even more holiday cheer. Collette offers holiday time tours across Europe and North America – so from Europe’s Christmas market scene to warm and festive Santa Fe, take a look around and pick the place where you’ve always wanted to spend more time during this special time of year!

Bucket List Escapes: This could be the perfect timing for your South America bucket-list destinations: Set off for Peru to explore Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca or cruise through the fjords of Patagonia visiting Argentina and Chile. Or, gift yourself a tropical treat with that Hawaiian adventure you’ve always dreamed about, or embrace a world of nature in Costa Rica.

Northern Lights: Bundle up because starting in the late fall into the winter months in Iceland, the nights grow longer and usher in ideal conditions to view the northern lights. Alternatively, seek the aurora borealis on an adventurous winter tour in Finland. Such magical experiences in nature will stay with you even as you’re warming up in cozy accommodations afterward.

If your travel timeframe is March through May…

If your dreams are of spring flowers, follow them. Plus, if you haven’t booked a trip anywhere within the prior six months, you’re certainly due for some well-deserved traveling.

Flower Trips: Take your pick! In the springtime, the beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan beckon, as they also do in the United States capital should your trip dates happen to align with the year’s blooms. Tulips abound in the Netherlands in spring – your time in Amsterdam includes a canal cruise to the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens on our Netherlands, Belgium & France tour.

Coastal Spring: If you’ve been longing to visit the coast or islands of the Mediterranean but want to beat the heat and crowds of summer season, this would be a lovely time to tour it. Explore Greece and its islands with Collette, or follow the Amalfi Coast in Italy – all while taking in the incredible history and cultures of the region. Is cruising your style? Experience the beautiful Adriatic Coast of Croatia & Its Islands from a privately chartered ship.

Whether you catch a destination in its shoulder season or in its peak, Collette’s tours all over the world run during ideal times to experience a place, ensuring you see all the must-sees and more. Whenever you travel, get ready for incredible experiences on your Collette tour that will feel all your own!

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