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It’s Time: 2024 Travel Inspiration

Jodie Day
by Jodie Day

November 02, 2023

3 minute read

It’s time to switch it up, traveler. How will you spend 2024? Will you visit new places, or keep that same old routine? Grab coffee with a friend… at a café in Paris. Take a morning walk… along rows of Dutch windmills. Sip on a glass of wine… in California’s Napa Valley. What are you waiting for? Check out these destinations that take your experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.

Mount Pilatus

Exploring the Alpine Countries

Say “hello” to Switzerland from the top of Mount Pilatus. At over 7,000-feet above sea level, crisp mountain air surrounds you as the world’s steepest railway takes you to the top of the summit. Grab a bite to eat, take in the mountain views, and pick out a souvenir before heading back down on the panoramic gondolas. Explore closer to sea level in the alpine region as you stroll through the Mirabel Gardens in Salzburg. Sing along at the iconic sites from The Sound of Music and take time to do some of your favorite things!


Netherlands, Belgium & France

Dutch windmills, fairytale canals, and the “City of Light” are the perfect combo if you’re wishing to get an eclectic taste of Europe’s offerings. And with an expert Tour Manager to help you get into all the best spots, you’ll be sitting in a local brewery or tasting the best of Belgium’s chocolate in no time! See Amsterdam the way it’s meant to be seen – by canal on a private boat. Sit down at a local Dutch restaurant and learn how the community benefits from the restaurant, A Beautiful Mess. Don’t forget to say “oui” to ending your week with some iconic sight-seeing in Paris.

Yosemite National Park

California Dreamin': Monterey, Yosemite & Napa

North America has its own impressive landscapes, and the West coast never disappoints. Turn your California dreams into a reality as you make your way around the Golden State. Start your day in a casual way… at Yosemite National Park. See the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Lake Tahoe. Stand in awe before El Capitan – after all, these are far more than just names of Mac software updates. They’re places that deserve to be admired by travelers like you. What do you say? It’s time to raise a glass to new friends and memories in Napa Valley’s iconic vineyards and say “cheers” to California dreaming.

Churchill Downs

Bluegrass Country & the Smoky Mountains

The bourbon isn’t the only thing that’s smoky in Bluegrass Country. Peer out into the wilderness and breathe in the fresh mountain air of Appalachia. Make your way through Daniel Boone National Forest and witness the accomplishments of the American pioneer who blazed this trail across rugged lands. Perhaps you’re a Dolly Parton fan who wants to cap off the day with a trip to Dollywood – Dolly Parton’s very own theme park! From baseball and bourbon to mint juleps at the Churchill Downs, a journey of discovery awaits you.

Now, that's what I call switching up the daily grind! Everything (cooking, walking, even sleeping) is better when you switch up the view. And for a limited time, save up to 20%* on the tours above and over a hundred more all over the globe. Your souvenir fund is saying "Oui." Are you?

So, where to, traveler?

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