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friendly faces handling the details.

We like to say that our Tour Managers are part tour guide, part concierge and part friend because it’s absolutely true! When you go guided with one of our Tour Managers, you have the benefit of a highly trained expert (many of them have been with us for over 20 years) right by your side every step of the way. They’re passionate travellers who draw on their own rich backgrounds to enhance your journey, and you can count on them for a bit of historical information, a restaurant suggestion, or even a good laugh.

They are at your service.

Meet our tour managers, and the destinations they love

Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice

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The Northern Lights of Finland

National Parks of America

Croatia & Its Islands

Spain's Classics & Portugal

England's Treasures

Colours of New England

America's Music Cities




“Collette takes care of all the details, so all you have to do is enjoy and soak in the magnificent place of your tour. Their tour managers take care of you, so there is nothing, nothing to interfere with your trip. I just completed my 6th tour with them.”

- Collette Traveller
The Plains of Africa

“Our Tour Manager was knowledgeable and anticipated traveller’s needs and provided useful information so that everyone was able to use stops optimally and keep the tour on schedule. Information was clear and precise so everyone understood what’s coming up next.”

- Collette Traveller
Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice

“Our tour guide was so professional and always helpful in all situations. She shared a wealth of information about the state, people, and culture. She was excellent as well as just being FUN!! This is the only way to experience Alaska through the land and sea. Collette treats you right!”

- Collette Traveller
Alaska Discovery Land & Cruise

local experts

Get an insider’s perspective.

In addition to your Tour Manager, you’ll also meet up with Local Experts. Having a Local Expert by your side means that you get all the benefits of having an insider show you around. Since they call the destination home, they can provide you with an insider’s scoop on everything from the best place to find authentic cuisine to how to spot a rare and exotic bird high up in the treetops.


“I have found that Collette’s tour guides are very informative and add a lot of good local information to the trip which really makes it more enjoyable. I also love that they bring in local guides — this really enhances the experience.”

- Collette Traveller
America’s Cowboy Country

“Great tour! There were several different cities to see and the days were packed with activity. We saw so much history. All of the local guides were wonderful as well.”

- Collette Traveller
Magnificent Cities of Central
and Eastern Europe

“The optional tours and local guides were excellent. Very thorough and enjoyable. They were very knowledgeable and like family.”

- Collette Traveller
Shades of Ireland featuring
Northern Ireland