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Your next big adventure starts here. Dive into our complete collection of worldwide travel experiences. Find seven continents in a single stunning book.

Designed for Small Groups

14-24 Travellers

With a maximum of 24 travellers, make friends, form connections, and immerse yourself in the destination.


Hotel schmotel. Stay in igloos, tented camps, and villas - places where the big groups can't go.

Local Expertise

Travelling with local experts means uncovering hidden wows and getting the cultural inside scoop.

Not in the Guidebook

Check off the must-see sights as well as countless moments you couldn't find in any guidebook.

40+ Small Group Journeys

Let's shout it from the rooftops: our tours are designed just for smaller groups. What does that mean? Access to restaurants like that hole-in-the-wall place the locals go. Sleeping in accommodation that will make your friends all wildly jealous (anyone for some zzz's in a tented camp in the Sahara... which you'll get to by camel!?). Chase your curiosity on a journey just for small groups.

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Are you an Explorations Traveller?

Explorations travellers are…

History Lovers

If ancient ruins, archaeological sites, historic cities, and iconic architecture are things you can get excited about — we’ll save you a seat.

Culturally Curious

You don’t shy away from intense conversations and you love to ask questions — Travelling is your favourite way to learn about other people and ways of life.

Living in the Moment

Seize the day is one of your mantras. You’re ready to dive in and live each day to its fullest — whether that means Travelling through the Sahara on camelback or tasting the Hákarl (shark meat) in Iceland.

Explorers…and Friends

Your favourite part about traveling? The people you meet. Fellow travellers, guides, and locals make each journey worth it, every step of the way.

Savvy, Confident Travellers

This isn’t your first rodeo. You’re just wise enough to know that when you travel with the experts, you’ll get more out of your trip.

Ready for Anything

Ziplining in Costa Rica? Sure. Tango lessons in Buenos Aires? Okay. Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef? Let’s go!

Explorations at a Glance

Who takes Explorations tours?

These tours are ideal for savvy, confident travellers who want to connect with locals and build camaraderie on tour with fellow travellers and their Tour Manager. They’re for on-the-go travellers who see experiences that are personal and unique.

How many people are on a small group Explorations tour?

There are 14-24 people on an Explorations tour. The tours are designed for small groups, so features include accommodation, venues, and experiences that larger groups sizes cannot access.

What is the pace of an Explorations tour?

Explorations tours are regionally focused, and the slowed-down place allows travellers to explore without feeling rushed. Explorations tours typically have an activity level higher than 3, which means more walking and active elements on tour.

Journeys Worth Sharing

When you go, capture all those incredible moments, and use the hashtag #GoCollette so that we can share your joy!

Travel Thats Good v2

100% of our Explorations tours are carbon neutral… because we 100% love our world and know that you do, too. Plus, all Explorations tours include an Impact Moment – visits to social enterprises, nonprofits, and cultural or environmental conservation groups. These experiences create sustainable economic and social benefits for the community.

Now, that’s travel that’s good.

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