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Collette’s 102nd Season: Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, President

by Alyssa Smith

September 18, 2019

3 minute read

As we officially kick off our 102nd season as a top tour company, we’re sitting down with some of the people who truly know Collette and all the dedication, creativity, and innovation it takes to craft a lineup like the one slated for the 2020-2021 year. Next, we’re checking in with Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, President of Collette, on what she’s most excited for.

What's the most exciting part of your job – the thing that keeps you coming back day after day?

What keeps me coming back is my team and our absolute commitment to providing a travel experience that changes lives. I love coming in to work every day and being challenged to think differently about how we can reinvent guided travel.

Why does travel matter to you?

I was born and raised in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S., and I wouldn’t change that for the world. As a native Rhode Islander, I’m reminded that the world is so big, yet so small at the same time. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t go beyond the borders of New England and travel. The intangible impact that travel can have is so powerful, and I’m just very grateful that every day, I’m fortunate enough to be a part of that experience for so many people.

What is your favourite travel memory?

Back in 2007, the Product team went to Peru for a team building trip. It was an amazing trip and a destination that surprised me in so many ways. The food was AMAZING, the people were so kind, and the sights were unforgettable. The best part of that experience was the day we ventured to an Andean village to deliver school supplies and food to families in need. It was after this trip that the Collette Foundation was started. It feels pretty great when you realize the impact you can have with the gestures you choose to do.

What tour or new destination are you most excited for in this new travel season and why?

I am really excited about our Journey to Egypt and Jordan tour. This tour is part of our small group Explorations product, and guests are really loving the immersive experiences offered in this product line. Having just been to Egypt in December of 2018, I can tell you firsthand that the country is a legendary place. The ancient artifacts, the winding Nile, the striking pyramids – it’s breathtaking. Plus, the people here truly bring the destination to life with their stories and pride for their country. It was a life-changing trip.

What does the 102nd season mean to you as a member of the Collette team?

It’s exciting! We have so many great things on the horizon and we are working to stay ahead of travel trends every single day. This may be our 102nd season, and I am so proud of that history, but we are young at heart and ready to take on all that the future of travel will bring.

What do you want our guests to know about Collette and this new travel season?

This season and every season, we listen to your feedback. You are the reason we’re continuing to innovate and design such great products. Our improvements and success are because of you, and we don’t take that lightly.

Learn more about Collette’s 102nd season here.

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