About Us

A Company Rooted in Giving

In the early days of Collette, giving back meant helping in any way that you could, whether it was offering the change in your pocket to people in need or lending a helping hand to neighbors and coworkers. As Collette grew in size, that culture of giving remained deeply embedded in the fabric of our identity. In 1997, Collette established a charity to formalize how we give in the community where the company is based - Rhode Island. Around this time, a robust volunteer program took shape and employees from all corners of the company began to participate in our mission to help children and communities through hunger and education initiatives. As the company grew into a global organisation with offices in Canada, the UK and Australia (along with a collection of tours that reach all seven continents) our giving program began to grow as well...

Taking a Global Perspective

Dan Sullivan Jr., Collette’s President and CEO, visited Peru in 2006 expecting to be immersed in culture, transformed by beauty and moved by the unique traits that make Peru stand out on the world map. He was not expecting to return home from that trip and launch a not-for-profit organisation that would forever change the lives of children around the world. During that fateful trip, he spent some time with children from a small Peruvian village who were badly nourished, their diets mainly made up of potatoes. Their school lacked basic supplies, making it difficult for them to truly engage in learning. The experience was eye-opening. Dan had dedicated his life to Travelling and giving back – but he had never brought the two passions together. Giving back to the world that gives us so much was simply the right thing to do. And so began our global foundation. Collette Cares for the places where we live and work; as well as for the places where we travel.

Our People

Empowering employees to be change-makers

  • Last year, 900 volunteer engagements in our global offices led to more than 4,000 hours of service.
  • Every employee enjoys 4 paid hours of volunteer time each month.
  • 50 employees work on Collette Cares teams, helping to launch and operate global programs and drive our mission forward. 

Our Community

Taking Care of the Places We Work

Through volunteerism and grant support, we strive to make a better world – starting right in our own communities:

  • Rhode Island, USA – Collette’s headquarters
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia

Our World


That’s where Collette goes. So that’s where we help. We have projects in Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, Kenya, Ecuador, Peru, Poland, Costa Rica, India and South Africa, among other destinations. Our goal with every project is to create opportunities for better living through hunger and education initiatives, especially for children. Every child everywhere deserves proper nutrition, access to an education, and the best chance at thriving.

Contact Us Form

If you are a Rhode Island-based not-for-profit wishing to apply for a grant, email Lynne Kelly, Community Relations Manager at lkelly@collette.com. If you wish to apply for a global grant, contact Nicole Diebold at ndiebold@collette.com.

We offer grants to registered charities that meet the needs of our mission to help children through hunger and education initiatives.

If you have any questions or want to enquire about how you can get involved with the Collette Foundation, please call us or send us an email.




United States Office:
Collette Foundation
162 Middle Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860

United Kingdom Office:
Collette Foundation
Unit 6
Brook Business Centre
Cowley Mill Road

Canada Office:
The Collette Foundation
40 Queen St. S.
Mississauga, ON
L5M 1K3

Australia Office:
The Collette Foundation
Level 1
107 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia