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Private Chauffeur Service

Begin and end your tour in style and comfort. Our private chauffeur drive service is included on all Collette tours for customers within 40km of a major Australian international airport. These include Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. A uniformed driver in an executive car will collect your from your home and take you to the international departure terminal. On your arrival back to Australia, your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals terminal to take you home. Whether your entire holiday overseas is with Collette, or just a part of it, the Collette Chauffeur is there for you. A truly luxurious way to begin and end your Collette experience.
  • Common Questions
    Common Questions

    What is the restriction?

    • Up to 40km from the international departure airport is included

    What about if I live more than 40km away?

    • For customers who live 0-40km – this service is free.
    • From 41-70km the charge is up to AU$75pp return.
    • Customers more than 70km away or who prefer not to take this service receive a reduction of AU$50pp
    • We use distances calculated by Google maps.

    Pricing for additional kms:

    41-50kms – add $39 per person

    51-60kms – add $50 per person

    61-70kms – add $75 per person

    How many people fit in the vehicle?

    Up to four

    What type of car is it?

    An executive vehicle such as an Audi A8. Operational reasons mean that we cannot guarantee a specific vehicle type. We can guarantee a uniformed professional driver will take you to and from the international airport from your home.

    There are four people in our booking and we live at different addresses. What happens?

    The service is based on per room booked. So each couple will receive the pick-up in separate executive cars.

    I’ve added a tour to my own arrangements overseas. Do I still get the service?

    Yes. The service is included with every tour booked with Collette, regardless of the date that the tour starts or ends.

    Can I pick up friends, or stop off on the way?

    No. The service is a chauffeur transfer from your home directly to the international airport.

  • Group Transfers
    Group Transfers

    If you are travelling with Collette as part of a special group, the Collette Chauffeur does not apply. Instead, there is normally a group transfer to the airport from a single location, usually by small bus or coach. If you have any queries, please contact your group organiser.

  • Terms

    The Collette Private Transfer Service is included with any Collette Tour from 01 January 2017. It includes one transfer from your residential home address to an international airport each way. The applicable airports are Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. Your home must be within 40km of a listed airport. Prices beyond 40km are: 41-50kms – add $39 per person, 51-60kms – add $50 per person, 61-70kms – add $75 per person. Please contact us for a quote for distances over 70km. Vehicles featured are typical of the service but specific cars are not guaranteed. Collette Groups typically receive a group transfer – contact your group organiser for details.

  • Which Airports?
    Which Airports?

    The nine international airports that feature the Collette Chauffeur are:

    • Adelaide
    • Brisbane
    • Cairns
    • Canberra
    • Darwin
    • Hobart
    • Melbourne
    • Perth
    • Sydney

    Book any Collette tour and those within 40km will receive an airport transfer in an executive car complete with a chauffeur driver!

    If you are more than 40km from the international airport the following applies:


    The Collette Chauffeur is available for just an additional $39 per person


    The Collette Chauffeur is available for just an additional $50 per person


    The Collette Chauffeur is available for ju      st an additional $75 per person

    71km or more

    We can provide a competitive quote for the service or deduct $50 per person from your tour price!