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G’day, every day, Australia! Beaches to “barbies,” koalas to wallabies, Outback to ocean…where to begin your Australia tour on this island-country-continent? Travel in Australia and you'll find unique wildlife and dramatic landscapes, no doubt. Or perhaps the sun-kissed Harbour City of Sydney, Melbourne’s art scene or Barossa Valley’s world-class wineries. Go as far back as Aboriginal life in places like Ayers Rock and Alice Springs to discover how to survive in the bush, throw boomerangs and play a didgeridoo. Whatever your fancy, Australia welcomes you.

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Uluru (Ayers Rock):

You will find this towering sandstone rock formation rising from the desert floor in the southern part of the Northern Territory of central Australia. It sits in a remote part of the Outback 208 miles southwest of the nearest large town, Alice Springs. The rock is one of Australia’s most recognizable natural landmarks and rises 1,142 feet… making it 2,381 feet above sea level.

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The most populous city in Australia is located on Australia’s east coast. This lively metropolis is surrounded by one of the world’s largest natural harbors. The first British settlers founded the city of Sydney in 1788, but it is said that the area had been inhabited for many years. Millions of tourists visit Sydney each year to see its natural features such as Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach, as well as its man-made marvels like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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The city was founded on August 30, 1835 and is located on a large natural bay – Port Phillip. Today it is often referred to as Australia’s cultural capital because of its renowned performing and visual arts scenes. Melbourne is known as the birthplace of Australian dance styles, the Australian film industry, Australian impressionist art and the Australian television industry.

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Kakadu National Park:

This protected area in the Northern Territory of Australia is about 100 miles east of Darwin. It is the largest national park in Australia covering 7,646 square miles, and measuring nearly 125 miles from north to south and 62 miles from east to west. The park is roughly half the size of Switzerland. Kakadu features many diverse landscapes perfect for outback adventure travel, nature activities and most of all, experiencing aboriginal culture.

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Whilst in Melbourne make time to explore the fabulous Queen Victoria Market, Victoria’s premier open-air market, where for over 130 years vendors have been selling the freshest produce and local speciality food products.
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Although the beauty of the Outback will astound you, there are insects that may hamper your experience. In fact, you may wish to purchase nets to make the most of your time here. If you choose to wait, they can also be purchased upon arrival and are not very expensive.
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Barbecuing is a huge favourite cooking style in Australia, so listen up for the popular local term – “the barbie.” You may see some unconventional meats on the barbie, including kangaroo and emu meat. They are worth a try if you’re feeling adventurous.

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