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Portugal & Its Islands featuring the Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands

Starting From $4,079 pp*

12 Days • 18 Meals

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    • Service
      I would prefer a smaller travel group and more emphasis on history
    • Tour
      Azores Islands were spectacular
  • frustrated by the short time allowed some stops. too much time in airports

    • Service
      No problem with the service but the schedule of the trip meant we spent too much time in airports. Flying to the Azores from the US could have saved a whole day. I was frustrated by the short time allowed at some stops. Too many churches, no museums.
    • Tour
      Kayaking on Sao Miguel. Beautiful setting and great experience. We had enough time to really enjoy the experience.
  • Breathtakingly Beautiful !

    • Service
      Would Definitely recommend them again. Have been traveling with them for many years. Transportation was top-notch, only complaint was the bathroom issue,... most of our last trip (weeks ago) there was no on-board bathroom after we left Lisbon, and directions to bathrooms at stops were not always clear, IF told at all (in several stops we were told nothing) (and had to try and locate bathrooms on our own and usually found them by chance when we did find them (One stop in Madeira, there WAS a public bathroom just down the road at a souvenir shop, but we were not told of it,.... my husband found it by sheer chance when he went there after a walking tour ended, but I had not gone on the walk and ventured into a restaurant, nearer by, and learned much to my embarrassment that ONLY ''customers' were allowed to use it,.... AFTER I already had,...… By the time my husband had joined me, to tell me of the one he found in the other shop,... it was already too late for me,...) The tour was awesome, but had been paced at a '2' when I think the 3 hikes should have warranted it at least a '3' (I went on none, but my husband with only 1.5 feet, went on all and found them totally exhausting) But the sights to be seen,.... WOW !!!!!!!! :D 10,288 miles of air travel in only 12 days plus bus travel etc. added up to a LOT of going in a very short space of time. Would I do it again ? Yes. Probably, but I would still pass on the hikes.
    • Tour
      Castle Obidos, we're Medieval Reenactors,... the castle was awesome ! :D

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