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Iceland sunrise

Ringing in 2019 with our Favourite Tour Manager Moments

Molly L
by Molly Lisiewicz

January 04, 2019

4 minute read

When touring the world with Collette, one thing is absolutely certain: our Tour Managers provide a warm, welcoming and truly unforgettable experience for our valued guests. Over the past year, they have also helped make our social media channels shine by sharing the dazzling photos and videos they've captured in top holiday destinations. Their passion and storytelling skills never fail to remind us why we love to travel. We're happy to share a few of these unique moments here, whilst thanking our Tour Managers for giving us a glimpse into the incredible things they get to experience whilst on the job.


@krafdal - Did you know that Santa Claus really lives in Lapland, Finland? When you visit the big guy up north, you meet Aurora the Elf (and Santa's reindeer!) for a magical experience like no other.

@hlarsenbiz - If you're lucky enough to catch the sunrise on Diamond Beach in Iceland, you'll find that golden rays of sunshine make the glaciers even more beautiful.

@yatsuatari - We love the framing and perspective of this shot in the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Japan! Framing this shot with the walking path immerses the viewer into the photo, for a dynamic first-person view that does justice to the grand bamboo trees.

@whereisgeoff - Sometimes, you've just got to have a bit of fun and show off your creative side. Geoff's literally tasting the rainbow for us whilst touring the magnificent waterfalls of Iceland. Well, not really, but this whimsical photo makes us want to try and do the same!

@cinthya.pavan - Many of our Tour Managers go above and beyond with their social media efforts, and Cinthya is no exception! Her gorgeous shots of Switzerland, Iceland, Finland and beyond are captivating and inspiring.

@the_globallocal - This shot of Borgund Stave Church in Norway is a work of art, and though it may be an iPhone photo, we wouldn't be surprised to see it in a cinematic storyboard. The photo evokes a complete feeling of awe, with an overcast sky and autumn leaves starkly contrasted by the imposing church building.

@longho.s066 - Tour Manager Long magnificently captured for us the calm, peaceful oasis that is Halong Bay in Vietnam. We can feel the air and hear the oars as fishing boats gently glide through the water. Excursions ranging from scuba diving, kayaking and rock climbing, to calm boat cruises make this one of the most sought-after destinations for relaxed and active explorers alike. - The dreams of animal lovers really do come true on our tour of Tropical Costa Rica, featuring the most exotic, intriguing and adorable animals. Dive deep into the rainforest with us and you may just capture a silly sloth selfie like this one!

@giancatego - Standing before Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a humbling, once-in-a-lifetime experience for many travellers, so we're thrilled that Tour Manager Giancarlo was able to capture this moment for us.

@greatestearthonshow - Tour manager Haydee has been inspiring us year-round with her shots of US National Parks and the Canadian Rockies. This particular photo, however, wins for most interesting perspective. We've never seen a photo of Mt. Rushmore taken this way before.

@jhumark - Capturing heartwarming moments with friends and experimenting with creative content are just a few of Mark's specialities. If you've ever experienced the fear of missing out on an iconic location, like the Eiffel Tower, glaciers of Iceland or Uluru Ayers Rock, he's got you covered!

@charmtrac1 - This beautiful photo of Skogafoss in Iceland has left us speechless. The rainbow and the waterfall provide a double-whammy of natural Icelandic beauty!

@ianpletzer - If you're on Instagram, and you're not already following Tour Manager Ian, we highly recommend you tap that "follow" button. His wildlife shots captured on our Spectacular South Africa tour are nothing short of incredible!

Ring in the new year with us by sharing your favourite moments on tour, using our NEW hashtag #gocollette! Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2019 to every member of our exciting community!

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