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Dive Deeper: Season 105’s Small Group Explorations Brochure

by Liz Deslauriers

January 26, 2023

3 minute read

Season 105 of travel with Collette is open for booking, and our latest brochure featuring each one of our current small group Explorations tours is ready for your perusal. Wondering where to wander next? Ready for the thrill of seeing new places, throwing yourself into unique experiences, and connecting with the local culture? Peek inside this year’s Collette Explorations brochure and see which adventures are calling you.

Trips of a Lifetime Iguazu Falls Brazil 

Trips of a Lifetime

Where have you always dreamed of going? What places are at the top of your travel bucket list? Picture your dream destination – I’ll bet we have an Explorations tour that goes there (and even beyond those dreams).

Is the Mediterranean region a must-do for you? Collette Explorations tours can reveal the Best of Italy or wonders along Spain’s Costa del Sol. Do you feel destined to experience an African safari? Read about Wilderness of Southern Africa: Safari by Land & Water or Collette’s other safari tours and decide if it’s time to follow that calling. These small-group tours make those grand, almost impossible-seeming trips perfectly possible

People and Culture CornishPasty 

People and Culture

You can plan a trip independently or join any perfect-for-you tour, and get the feel of a place whilst seeing the sights – no problem. For those who want to come away from the experience remembering the names of their hosts and fellow travellers, getting to know what life’s really like in a place, and perhaps making a few lasting friends from all around the world, there’s a way to line up those stars: with a Collette Explorations tour. Part of the magic formula gets credited to the smaller group size. The rest of it is simply what Explorations tours are created to do: get you to the sights you’ve dreamed about and connect you to these places in fresh, wonderful ways you might miss out on otherwise.

Scotland Isles of Lore and Legend

Just as an example, I’ve been contemplating how to do Scotland again. My husband and I flew out, rented a car, and made a loop on our own several years back. I did love the independence and just stumbling upon a castle here or a whisky distillery there (it was the off-season, which added an element of “Will it be open?” mystique). But honestly, worse than just places that were closed, I know we missed out on chances for more connections with local people that an Explorations tour would guarantee. So for next time, I’m eyeing Scotland: Isles of Lore & Legend.

Above and Beyond Hoi An 

Above and Beyond

If I could use just one word to describe all the aspects of Explorations tours that set the travel style apart, it’s “elevated." Your lunch or dinner isn’t always just a meal; sometimes it’s the thing you’ll remember forever because of the conversations you had and people who hosted you. Often, the places you spend the night are just as much part of your encounter with the destination as the sights and experiences throughout your tour’s days. Even just getting around in destination on Explorations tours can provide local flavour, whether it’s walking into town or jumping in a taxi, off-road vehicle, or tuk-tuk to meet up for dinner.

What will your next adventure be?

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