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Go Small, Get the Max of Flexibility and Choices

by Liz Deslauriers

January 11, 2023

3 minute read

Have you ever looked at Collette’s tour offerings in the same country or region and wondered, what’s the difference?

If so, you might have noticed Collette tours are categorized by unique travel styles, including Classic and Explorations. By the numbers, the difference between these two is in how many travellers the tour accommodates: a Classic tour group size averages 37 people and Explorations tours average 19 people – but the difference goes beyond that. 

Understandably, a tour group’s size can affect the dynamics, flexibility, and certain options available throughout a tour. On our Classic tours, you know you’re going to experience the must-sees and connect with the culture. And that camaraderie found among fellow travellers is a frequently praised perk of our tours in all our travel styles. But if you want to take it to the next level, the nimble group size of Explorations travel is what allows for these tours to be designed a little differently, for the travellers who prioritize a passion for going deeper into their dream destinations. And that’s exactly what they do.

Each day of an Explorations tour is filled with a mix of sightseeing, curated cultural experiences, Travelling between destinations, meaningful meals, and exciting places to recharge and explore independently. When Travelling on an Explorations tour, the big experiences are a given. And then there’s what you make it.

Extraordinary Places, Extraordinary Choices 

All Collette tours feature the signature Choice on Tour, where two included options are planned on certain days of the tour so you can craft your ideal experience. On Explorations tours reaching far-flung corners of the world, you’ll have a tough time choosing between some extraordinary options. For example…

On a Collette tour in Peru, after exploring Cuzco with a local guide one morning, what would you choose to do next? Travel above the city to discover the important sacred Incan ruins of Sacsayhuaman Fortress -OR- embark on a walking tour of San Blas, the traditional old quarter of Cuzco, lined with restaurants and artisan shops?

During your time based at a rainforest retreat in New Zealand, which way would you go? Traversing an exclusive trail (not open to the public) to view the Franz Josef Glacier -OR- getting a glimpse of kiwis at the West Coast Wildlife Centre? 

Flexibility That Makes It You

You’ll find Collette Explorations tours build in plenty of free time for exploring independently.  Think of it like the perfect blend of unique and boutique planned experiences plus the time to revel in the destination your way.

Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a love for Irish music in a Galway pub during a free day on The Best of Ireland. (My advice to you: If a band gets you tapping along, be sure to buy their album as a souvenir to enjoy back home!)

Or on an Australia and New Zealand Uncovered tour, settle in and hop around town during days of leisure in Queenstown (feeling like a Kiwi for a day) and in Sydney (like an Aussie).

Whenever you’re ready to plan your next tour, consider the Explorations difference. If you’re craving one-of-a-kind encounters with the culture and an itinerary that emphasizes flexibility and choice, look no further than Collette Explorations tours for small groups and big experiences.

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