Allora, Let’s Go to Italia

Allora, Let’s Go to Italia

Alex Shaked
by Alex Shaked

February 05, 2023

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In my last blog, I shared that I was able to attend a Tour Manager training in Barcelona. The Collette writing team had the unique opportunity to connect with Tour Managers from around the world. These are the people who make sure our travellers have an incredible time while they’re on tour. Part friend, part consummate host, experts in their field, and your support to make sure you’re getting the most of your time on tour.

What I didn’t mention in that blog is that I was fortunate to spend a great deal of my time that week with the crew that breathes life into our tours to Italy. (Big shout outs to Regional Destination Manager Dario, and Tour Managers Massimo, Michaela, and Marcello for making me feel so welcome in our conference sessions!)

Let’s just say … I’m ready to pack my bags. New tours and experiences are topping my personal bucket list, so I wanted to share my key takeaways about travelling to Italy with Collette.

best of italy

Best of Italy

What’s in a name? Well …

This small group Explorations tour includes the 3 major art cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome, and includes time in the Romagna wine region for a break in the countryside. You’ve got 10 nights on tour and no 1 night stays at any hotel, so it doesn’t feel like you’re constantly unpacking what you’ve just packed up. Plus there’s an included gondola ride and time to meet a local woodworker who works on the oars used on the boats? I’m in.

spotlight on tuscany

Spotlight on Tuscany

Around the office, I’m known as our resident Spotlights style traveller. I like to be prepared for anything at all times. This means my suitcase isn’t well poised for life on the road. I’m a travelling Mary Poppins; it can’t be helped. So, 7 nights in a resort town with time to explore and cultural inclusions like a cheese tasting at a family run farm sounds like a perfect trip for me.

rome and the amalfi coast

Rome & the Amalfi Coast

Product Design Manager Shannon is a born and bred Roman, in her own words. Hearing her passion for the place she grew up is palpable and honestly reason enough for me to want to go on this tour that spends 3 nights in Rome. And the guided and independent time in the Eternal City is a huge draw, but the local foodie inclusions on this tour are even more interesting to me. Travellers on this tour visit a winery on Mount Vesuvius, sit down to a farmhouse lunch with a mozzarella making demonstration, and enjoy a limoncello tasting and demonstration. These are the tastes of culture I’m really after.


A Jubilee pilgrimage to Rome

This blog has the inside scoop: In 2025, the Catholic Church has its next Jubilee, and we will have a tour to take you to Rome for it. This Holy Year dates back to the year 1300, so you will be able to follow in the footsteps of centuries of pilgrims who went to Rome seeking forgiveness for their sins. The Vatican announced the motto or theme of this Holy Year will be “pilgrims of hope,” which is so reminiscent of the strength and fortitude those early pilgrims needed for this trip, which had a host of challenges to complete 700+ years ago.

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