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The highlight of the tour was the Tattoo. I have been looking forward to seeing the Tattoo for about four years and it did not disappoint.”– Traveler on one of our Scotland tours featuring The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Special events on tour are your ticket to an exclusive experience – something that few world travelers will get to do. You’re witnessing tradition, culture, and beauty, and getting a brand-new perspective of a well-loved destination. Tours featuring the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta… the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landing… Jubilee Year 2025: Pilgrims of Hope… Scotland’s Military Tattoo… these events give you bragging rights for life because you are experiencing history in the most special way.

Special Events

80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing

On the Memorials of World War II featuring the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing tour, retrace history as you explore the hallowed grounds of the Normandy landing beaches. Visit The D-Day Story Museum and learn about Operation Overlord. In Caen, France, experience the Caen Peace Memorial Museum that vividly documents the causes and consequences of WWII. From the Vel d’Hiv, Hôtel de Ville, Les Invalides, Panthéon, and the Luxembourg Gardens to Le Marais, see the sites that tell the story of the liberation of Paris and what life was like under the Nazis.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo bring men and women from around the world to showcase their impressive talents and military pomp and pageantry. From drum corps and piping bands to dancers and drill teams, the performances are a sight to behold. Learn more about this global military event.

Jubilee 2025: Pilgrims of Hope

The first Holy Year was proclaimed by Pope Boniface VIII in the year 1300. In the year 2025, follow in the footsteps of centuries of pilgrims and journey to Rome for the next Jubilee. On Collette’s Jubilee 2025: Pilgrims of Hope tour, walk through history, reflect, and connect as you experience moments of hope in Rome and beyond. Enjoy a visit to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Be a part of the Papal Audience at St. Peter’s Basilica. Experience the tradition of visiting 7 churches in a religious procession, with multiple opportunities to cross the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica for a plenary indulgence. From the Holy Cross in Jerusalem to visiting the catacombs and more – do not miss this spiritual journey that only comes around once every 25 years.

Flower Festivals

Whether you have a green thumb or just appreciate Mother Nature’s beautiful floral gifts, flowers are captivating organic creations. Across the world, people dedicate elaborate festivals to showcase flowers and all their unique shapes, sizes and colors. Enjoy one of these flower-themed festivals while on tour.

Other Special Events Including Nice Carnival

Special Holiday Tours

Kick off your holidays feeling merry and bright.

Southern Charm Holiday

Find your holiday spirit with a drive through enchanting James Island County Park, decorated with 500,000 holiday lights. Enjoy Christmas caroling and afternoon refreshments on Jekyll Island.

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Christmas in London

Nothing is quite as full of cheer as London during the holiday season. Whether you’re shopping through the Christmas markets for handmade gifts and colorful decorations or taking in the scent of mulled wine and cinnamon, this atmosphere will make you feel very festive indeed.

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Spotlight on New York City Holiday

Shopping, sightseeing, entertainment and lots and lots of holiday cheer. New York City positively bursts with excitement for the holidays. From the lights and decorations to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, New York City has all the merry you need.

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magic christmas market

Magical Christmas Markets

Christmas markets transform already charming European villages and cities into magical holiday wonderlands. Stroll through a market in Austria or Germany and feel the holiday spirit in the air as you admire handcrafted ornaments and gifts, perhaps with a warm cup of mulled wine in hand. A festive, merry-filled experience awaits.

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Other Holiday Tours Include...

America’s Music Cities Holiday

8 Days • 11 Meals

Christmas on the Danube

9 Days • 19 Meals

Spotlight on San Antonio Holiday

5 Days • 6 Meals

smoky mountains christmas

Nashville & the Smoky Mountains Holiday

8 Days • 11 Meals

Magical Christmas Markets

7 Days • 8 Meals