The Grandest Canyon

Masterpieces aren’t created overnight, and Grand Canyon National Park proves it by getting better with age. Secrets from over a thousand lifetimes are held in its towering cliffs and deep crevices. Standing guard over changing landscapes, the Grand Canyon watches the dance of sunlight against its stone walls and listens to echoes of the Colorado River carving through its depths. Spring and summer adorn it with a tapestry of wildflowers, and autumn drapes the canyon in a cloak of warm colors. In winter, it embraces a serene stillness, with a dusting of snow that highlights its dramatic contours.

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Fun Facts about the Grand Canyon

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The depth of the Grand Canyon is about one mile from rim to river with its deepest point at 6,000 feet

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The youngest layer in the Grand Canyon is thought to be about 240 million years old

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The oldest rock layer in the Grand Canyon is approximately 1.7 billion years old

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