A Sanctuary for the Soul

Have you seen Zion? It’s right there, nestled among towering sandstone cliffs and verdant valleys. It possesses a quiet strength that echoes in the mountains and rustles through the leaves of cottonwood trees. In the heat of summer, the river provides a refreshing escape, and the sound of water echoes through the canyon’s narrow walls. In autumn, trees adorn themselves in golden hues as their leaves dance and fall like nature's confetti. These are merely accessories that add to Zion’s unparalleled beauty. The sun's rays paint the cliffs with reds and orange, creating a symphony of colors that dance across its landscape. This land opens a passage of time.

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Fun Facts About Zion

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The name Zion is ancient Hebrew for “sanctuary” or “refuge”

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The Zion Canyon was carved over millions of years by the Virgin River and is approximately 2,000 feet deep

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The California Condor is the largest flying bird in North America and can be found here in the wild

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