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More about the Cotswolds, England

Discover the bucolic paradise of the Cotswolds, a region designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). As you explore sweeping verdant hills, honey-colored cottages, and historic churches, you’ll gain a new appreciation of England’s storybook countryside. Allow us to help you experience the beauty found in this pleasantly pastoral region.

Why visit the Cotswolds

Villages to Visit

You’ll be delighted by the rural charm of the Cotswolds’ picturesque villages. As you traverse footpaths and bridleways you’ll marvel at how simple architecture and a lack of overdevelopment make this south-central English region shine. With a local guide by your side, you’ll be ready to explore the Cotswolds and visit some of these unique villages.

Historic Sites

Further embrace the countryside of the Cotswolds as you visit some of its most historic sites. Discover the fine manors, castles, and churches that reveal the history of this idyllic place. As our guests have told us, there’s much magic to be found in the Cotswolds. Here are some historic highlights we think you’ll enjoy.

Natural Wonders

The sylvan charm of the Cotswolds continues to be one of the main draws to this region of England. From resplendent vistas to rolling green hills, the natural wonders of the Cotswolds are truly awe-inspiring. When you travel with Collette, you’re sure to see a multitude of earthly treasures.

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