More about Arenal, Costa Rica

Walk under a canopy of lush, tropical forests. Take in the sublime hues of blue provided by Lake Arenal. Marvel at the towering natural landmark, the Arenal Volcano. Travelers are enamored by this Central American tropical paradise and the fascinating wildlife that populate the area of Arenal, Costa Rica. Tap into your sense of adventure – a multitude of exotic splendors await you.

Why visit Arenal

Natural Sites

Be humbled by the power of the Arenal volcano, watch as indigenous wildlife go about their day in the swampy waters of the Frío River, explore a mystical underground world – there are so many ways to experience Costa Rica’s unspoiled beauty. The natural wonders found in Arenal and the surrounding area will leave you awestruck. Now is the time to set your sights on this tropical destination.


Costa Rica is considered one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, making it a top destination for travelers looking for an extraordinary eco-tour. Whether your interest lies in plants, animals, or natural sites, there are many attractions that will bring out your inner explorer. Here are some attractions and activities to keep in mind when traveling through the Arenal area.


One of the major draws for travelers to Costa Rica is the chance to get a glimpse at its indigenous wildlife. From cuddle-worthy sloths snoozing in the trees, to sleek jungle cats slinking around the forests after dark, you’ll learn there are many fascinating animal species thriving in Costa Rica’s tropical landscape. Be on the lookout for these creatures when in the Arenal area.