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More about San Jose, Costa Rica

The colorful capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is a vibrant city with its own unique charm. Many people see San Jose - or Chepe, as locals call it – as merely a stopover to other exotic locales in the country, but this bustling metropolis is worth taking some time to explore. Begin your adventure to tropical Costa Rica here.

Why visit San Jose


San Jose features a fusion of architectural styles ranging from Colonial-era mansions to modern skyscrapers. Because of this variety, you could spend days discovering the interesting buildings and homes that line the city’s streets and neighborhoods. Here are some gems we think are worth observing.


Even if your stay in San Jose is short, you’ll find the city has a variety of exciting things to keep you entertained. Whether you wish to catch some sun in one of the several parks or browse the marketplace for fresh fare, San Jose has an appeal that you won’t want to miss. See why and visit some of these local attractions.


San Jose offers several cultural sites, including several notable museums perfect for a morning or afternoon of enrichment. Discover pre-Colombian history, marvel at stunning artwork, or walk amongst the dinosaurs. Carve out some time if you can and visit these fascinating museums.

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