More about Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto retains the beguiling character of old-world Japan with its historic temples, picturesque gardens, and traditional teahouses. While much of the city’s iconic national treasures have been preserved, Kyoto has done a fine job of keeping up with the times, boasting an array of dynamic art galleries, fantastic eateries, and lively markets. Explore this traditional Asian metropolis and tap in to some Zen-filled experiences.

Why visit Kyoto

Historic Buildings

Voyage into Japan’s yesteryear and visit Kyoto’s array of historic buildings. The city has an impressive collection of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and continues to be an alluring destination for those interested in learning about Japan’s illustrious past. Step back in time to the era when samurai walked the earth and take a tour of these must-see spots in Kyoto.

Cultural Attractions

Kyoto was the former Imperial capital of Japan for over one-thousand years. In fact, the word kyoto itself means “capital city.” While the legislature and emperor have since moved to Tokyo, the Japanese still think of Kyoto as a cultural, religious, and economic hub.

Buddhist Temples

There are over 1500 temples and shrines in Kyoto. These places of worship are must-sees when travelling through this ancient city. From tiny, unassuming temples to massive monuments, these are but a few highlights of Kyoto’s many Buddhist temples.