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Centuries of making history, influencing the arts and the formation of an abundance of natural beauty, England and Wales travel has something for everyone. There are a slew of cathedrals, castles, palaces and country houses spanning the centuries to study and marvel at. Iconic sites, activities and natural beauty are enough to make anyone want to visit these amazing countries.

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A world in a city is a common way to describe the metropolis of London, the capital of England. A cultural melting pot of over 230 nationalities, London is the financial, political and cultural capital of the UK. It is booming with activity and bursting with sightseeing treasures. You’ll find historic highlights from the haunting Tower of London to the ornate Buckingham Palace and more modern attractions such as the world-famous Harrods department store and the towering London Eye.

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The historic walled city of York in North Yorkshire is located in the northern part of England. Today York is still encircled by its ancient medieval walls. York was founded by the Romans in A.D. 71 and is considered to be one of the great cities of the medieval world.

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Gaze upon the charming thatched-roof homes that line quaint streets of this south central area of England. The Cotswolds are roughly 25 miles across and 90 miles long, stretching from Stratford-upon-Avon to Bath. The Cotswolds run mainly though the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. The region is known for its small towns and villages, made from golden coloured Costwold stone as well as lush greenery and rolling hills.

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Buckingham Palace (Changing the Guard):

Queen Elizabeth's residence in London, Buckingham Palace is the ornate icing on the cake of England's capital city. Serving Britain's sovereigns since 1837, Buckingham Palace is the end point for parades and special events in the city as well as the daily Changing the Guard. Hundreds gather daily to watch the official changing of the Queen's Guards in the area outside of the palace gates and to get a glimpse of the palace itself.

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Cardiff is the capital and the largest city in the country of Wales. Surprisingly it has only been the capital city of Wales since 1955. Two hours from London by train, Wales is the base for many national cultural and sporting institutions and is home to many of Wales’ sporting venues and sports teams. Travellers can explore its connection to the Iron Age, ancient Rome and the Norman Conquest. They’ll also fall in love with the famous Victorian shopping arcades.

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Walk in the footsteps of so many before you when visiting prehistoric Stonehenge. This mysterious rock formation dates back to the Stone Age and remains one of the world’s most famous sites. Standing in the middle of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England, Stonehenge is perhaps the most important prehistoric monument in England. And now, updates at the site will make it more accessible than ever! New galleries and visitor facilities will enhance the overall experience and understanding of Stonehenge for visitors of all ages and interests. Construction has started on three Neolithic houses which will be the focal point of the outdoor gallery at the new visitor centre. These houses offer visitors a glimpse into the lifestyle of the people who built Stonehenge. The experience of seeing this timeless monument is not to be missed.

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Big Ben:

Standing at 315' tall, Big Ben is located in London near the Halls of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. An iconic image of London, Big Ben's clock dials are some of the largest in the world at 23' high. The current structure was built in 1858 after the previous clock tower was destroyed in a fire in the 1830s.

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Lake District:

The Lake District is a mountainous region in northwest England. This region is famous for its lakes, mountains and forests. In this region hiking the mountain trails and boating on the lakes is a popular activity.

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Pubs are extremely common in England, and are a major part of English culture and way of life. Savour the traditional “pie and a pint” at local pubs, where the “pie” here is of the hot and hearty steak variety!

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Pack your rain gear! It tends to rain in England and Wales almost every day.

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Learn the lingo…yes, they speak English but many words are different such as jumper and elevator which turn into jumper and lift.

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