More about Inverness, Scotland

Lake monsters and stately castles aren’t the only reason our guests are enchanted by Inverness. From gourmet cuisine to natural splendours, the capital of the Highlands is a perfectly compact city our guests love exploring. Discover a few of our favourite Inverness sites and experiences you should consider when touring Scotland.

Why visit Inverness

Food and Drink

The Scottish food scene, especially in Inverness, is on the cutting edge of culinary culture. From traditional Scottish fare to freshly foraged greens and farm-to-table cuisine, our local guides love the culinary scene of Inverness. While on tour, expand your palate with these must-have meals and spirits.


From the moment you arrive, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of Inverness. Enjoy a river cruise and glide across the pristine waters of the Loch Ness. Discover the tectonic collision that caused the epic Great Glen. Your trip through Inverness with us will be nothing short of a scenic adventure.

Historic Sites

Trace the rich history of Inverness back to medieval times as you tour ancient battlegrounds, visit majestic castles and enter mighty fortresses. The capital of Scotland’s Highlands served as the stage for many epic battles and mythical tales; your discovery of these legendary happenings awaits you in Inverness.