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Reviews Of Magical Rhine and Moselle

Magical Rhine and Moselle

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10-11 Days • 22-24 Meals

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  • Make sure you can plan ahead

    • Service
      4 stars
      the tour was good, but I wish we had more information before we left. My husband are younger than the average traveler with this tour (mid 40's and fit), and we could have used the additional time in towns to tour on our own (we are not shoppers) if we had more detail of what the city tours would see and where we would be. the guides are great, and the boat is accommodating, but we simply felt we could have gotten so much more of our only visits to so many places had we had better information for planning ahead of time.
    • Tour
      Although this was a very nice tour, I did find many options with better pricing that I feel might have been a better fit. This was the choice due to traveling mates who needed to structure of going through our local chamber. Value for bucks, I didnt feel it was special.
  • Excellent; however, we'd prefer more time to explorer cities alone.

    • Service
      4 stars
      Our room was very comfortable, the food excellent, services of all kinds were very good! We had no knowledge of how busy our itinerary would be. If we were to travel with Collette again, I would sign up for a river cruise offering 2 mornings (perhaps a longer cruise) to explorer a city seen the previous day with our Collette tour guide.
    • Tour
      4 stars
      The Heidelberg and Strasbourg Tours were our favorites. More time alone for shopping/touring cities would be appreciated.
  • A wonderful adventure.

    • Service
      5 stars
      This was one of the most enjoyable trips I have been on in a long time. Everything was well planned and all of the guides were very familiar with our tours. They gave excellent information about the background of the cities, castles, churches, and answered any questions we had. I would not hesitate to recommend this river cruise for anyone wanting to experience one. The ship and its crew were very accommodating. They took care of any and all of our "wants". Thank you for this well organized adventure!
    • Tour
      5 stars
      I gave a review in the customer experience.

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