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Recreating Our Original 1918 Tour

by Kristen Gilbert

December 11, 2018

2 minute read

From Left to Right: Melanie Peterson, Katie Rozenas, Jean Gagnon, Derek Moscarelli (Collette Tour Manager), Dan Sullivan, Jr (CEO), Tom Gagnon

As we wrap up our centennial year, we are celebrating 100 years of hard work and passion for travel by reinventing our first United States tour. In 1918, we journeyed on dirt roads from Boston to Florida with fourteen travelers at a cost of just $61.50 per person. A hundred years later, for the same price as the original tour, Collette is excited to recreate this three-week adventure.

The tour begins at our headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and will venture all the way down to Miami, Florida, stopping in many destinations including New York City, Washington D.C, Raleigh, Augusta, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Miami, Jekyll Island, Savannah, Charleston, New Bern, Philadelphia, and Providence.

Along the way, the team will be making stops for meal packaging events by partnering up with Rise Against Hunger as a finale to our One Million Meals initiative. The meal packaging events engage guests and Collette employees in providing meals to those in need around the globe.

"We're excited to recreate this journey as a special chance for travelers to really experience this tour from one hundred years ago and to give our guests the opportunity to give back to the community throughout the tour," says Dan Sullivan, Jr., our CEO.

The entire team here at Collette is very excited about this tour that not only celebrates our beginnings in 1918, but also celebrates one of our core values - social responsibility.

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