Collette wants to assure guests we are available to answer any questions regarding upcoming travel. If your question isn’t answered in our FAQs below, or you would like more information, sending an email to our customer care team at customercare@collette.com with your name, booking number, and phone number will ensure the fastest response.

Is my Tour still operating?

You can find the most up to date details of your tour by going here by click Tour Status  You simply type in your booking number when prompted.

Please also visit our terms and conditions page by going to: Terms and Conditions 

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at customercare@collette.com and provide your name, booking number and phone number.

What will happen if local or international health authorities change travel advisories or restrict travel while a tour is taking place?

If authorities or governments recommend or implement restrictions for visiting certain areas or entire countries that are part of the planned itinerary, we will make necessary alterations to the tour based on the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

If my tour operates, can I expect that parts of my itinerary will be changed, closed, or unavailable? What will Collette do if this happens?

Collette will resume operations when we are confident we can provide an experience that best meets the planned itinerary and safeguards our guest’s well-being as best as possible. This new (and temporary) way of living and operating has affected all countries and partners we work with. We are all learning how to best operate in a new way. Travel is an adventure – even during the best of times your itinerary may change depending on local events and conditions – and the adventure is part of the fun.

Guests should expect that certain attractions may remain closed, are operating but not yet open to the public, or are limiting services, hours, etc. Depending on local conditions, these changes may happen quickly and on a daily basis. We want to ensure every guest has a great time on tour, and that everyone’s health and well-being always comes first.

When is my payment due?

Payment will be expected upon our decision to operate the tour. Collette is committed to staying up to date with all public health and local government rules and regulations. The ability to deliver travel is evolving on an ongoing basis, so therefore, we will be making decisions to either operate or cancel specific tour dates 45 days prior to departure of travel. At that time, we will proactively be contacting individuals to notify them on the status of their tour.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at customercare@collette.com and provide your name, booking number and phone number.

You can find the most up to date details of your tour by going here: Tour Status and Payment  You simply type in your booking number when prompted.

You can also find our payment terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions 

How does Collette determine when to cancel or stop operating tours?

The well-being of our guests and employees is our top priority. Collette monitors guidance provided by the World Health Organization, Centres for Disease Control, U.S. Department of State, and other public and private organizations on a daily basis to ensure we are operating within the most up-to-date guidelines. If we should choose to cancel any tour on the basis of this information, we will contact those affected as soon as this decision is reached.

We plan to resume operations in the locations we visit when it is safe to do so and when we can guarantee that your tour experience will be enjoyable and consistent with our standards of quality.

What happens if my tour is cancelled?

If we decide not to operate your tour, you can expect us to reach out to you or your travel professional to outline the options available at 30-45 days prior to your scheduled departure.

Many of you have asked us: why 30-45 days prior to travel and not sooner? The environment we are operating in is changing every day, and we want to ensure that the decision we make is as current as possible.

With a high volume of bookings to service and questions to answer, 30-45 days prior to travel ensures that we can appropriately space out any changes that need to be made and ensure that we continue to provide you with the timely, high-quality service you expect from us.

I am booked on a tour departing in the future, and I’ve made the decision to cancel my booking or transfer to another date. What are my next steps?

If you wish to cancel your booking or transferring to another tour or date, our standard cancellation policy will apply. Please contact us to review your options. If you have booked your tour through a travel professional, please contact them directly.

If a refund is due to me, how will I receive it?

We are required to issue refunds back in the original form of payment. If we are unable to do so, Collette will issue you a check. If you paid us using several different forms of payment, these amounts will be refunded back in the same manner they were received. For example, if you paid a deposit by check and another payment by credit card, Collette will refund you the deposit amount by check and the credit card payment to your credit card.

If a refund is due to me, how long will it take to receive it?

Your refund will be processed within approximately 8 weeks. If you are receiving a refund by credit card, it can take a full billing cycle to appear on your credit card statement once it’s processed. If we issue your refund in the form of a check, you can expect it to take about 10 weeks to receive it.

Will I receive a confirmation code or other tracking number for my refund?

Your six-digit booking number is the only number Collette needs to reference a current booking, a cancelled booking, or the status of a refund. If you are receiving a voucher towards future travel, these vouchers have your booking number on them.

What if I lost or deleted my voucher?

Collette has a record of all vouchers we have issued and therefore we can easily find your voucher and apply it to your new reservation.

What if my next tour is less expensive? What happens to the remainder of my voucher funds?

We will apply the full voucher amount to your reservation. If after this is done there is an overage and funds remain in excess of the tour, we will provide suggestions as to how you may use those funds (pre-night, room upgrade, optional excursion, etc.). The overage will remain on your reservation until you depart for your tour. If by this time you have not used the remaining funds, Collette will automatically issue you or your Travel Professional another voucher for this amount. You will not lose the difference!

What if my future tour is cancelled after I used a voucher as payment?

We will issue you a refund in the original form of payment (in this case, a voucher), less any applicable penalties.

What will happen to my loyalty credits during this time?

Passport Club loyalty credits will be automatically extended to 12/31/2021 for all guests. The value of your loyalty credits as of 1/1/2020 will be available to use for travel all the way through 12/31/2021 (with no changes to the value during that time). For travel 1/1/2022 and beyond, your credit will once again be subject to the normal terms. Your credits will automatically adjust on your account. You don’t need to do anything.

For questions relating to health protocols, testing/vaccination, and the on-tour experience, please click here: Health Protocols & On-Tour Experience

On-Tour Wellness & Quality Measures

We’ve consulted with health and security experts all around the world to create enhanced protective measures for our guests. These measures are intended to help safeguard guests’ health and well-being, whilst allowing for an enjoyable travel experience.

From flexible booking to more open space on the coach and much more – all aspects of travel have been considered. This is The Travelling Well Experience.

For full details on all the wellness and quality measures we’re taking before, during, and after your tour, collette.com/travellingwell.

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