Season 106 2

Traveller, this one’s for you!

Welcome to our 106th travel season, which means 106 years of adventures…and 106 reasons (or more) to add your adventures to the list. With new tours joining the lineup, and return favourites, our local experts design these journeys with you in mind.

So Many Reasons To Travel Now


Experience Different Cultures And Ways Of Life.


Gain a Broader Perspective.

on life and your own culture by observing and learning about different social structures and societal norms around the world


Find Deeper Meanings.

in what we do in our everyday life by seeing how people live life differently across the globe.


Immerse yourself.

in diverse cultures, languages, traditions, and customs, broadening your understanding of the world.


Get Moving – Walks With a Brand-New View.


Meet New Friends!


People Watching!


Eat Gelato!


Invigourate your senses with new sights, sounds, and scents.


Trace your origins and uncover more about your ancestors.

Traveller, it’s all about you. Your feedback and insights have guided us for 106 years. Watch as our Product Design experts from all over the world capture the Collette difference and why our traveller-first approach delivers the best kind of touring experiences.