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6 Amazing Reasons to Visit Northern Ireland

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You cannot go wrong with any of Collette's tours to Ireland, but there is one particular itinerary that I love: Shades of Ireland featuring Northern Ireland. This 13-day exploration is arguably the best - and most important - tour we have to the UK & Ireland. Here's why:  

1. Northern Ireland completes the story of Ireland. Not visiting 'The North' is a bit like deciding to skip the season finale of your favourite TV show. 

2. It is the most beautiful part of the Emerald Isle. 

3. By visiting Northern Ireland we are actively supporting 18 years of peace. Tourism is one of the most important drivers of Northern Ireland's economic growth, and steady tourism is necessary to provide continued economic, social and political stability. 

 4. It's home to the Giant's Causeway, The Glens of Antrim, Game of Thrones, the Walled City of Derry (my favourite city – forget Dublin!), Liam Neeson, Titanic, St. Patrick, the Ejector Seat and the Delorean, C.S. Lewis, HARP, Bushmills whiskey, Air Conditioning, Rory Mcllroy, and the penalty kick!  

5. Our passengers are 'living history' when they visit Northern Ireland. Thirty or forty years ago, you'd be considered quite a daredevil if you went to Northern Ireland. Consider Northern Ireland somewhat similar to the unveiling of the 'Iron Curtain' after the collapse of the Soviet Union. American tourists flocked to catch a glimpse of the 'forbidden' cities of Prague, East Berlin, Budapest and St Petersburg. For many, a visit to Northern Ireland has this same sense of 'peaking behind the curtain' of a once off-limits destination now open – and safe – to explore. 

6. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, Northern Ireland is proof that good triumphs over evil, tolerance over prejudice, and love over hate.

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