Know Before You Go Holland Belgium Springtime River Cruise

Christian Papadellis
by Christian Papadellis

December 16, 2021

3 minute read

Ever wanted to catch a glimpse of Holland’s breathtaking tulips? Or its iconic windmills? Did you want to do this all while staying on a beautiful cruise ship? Well, do we have a tour for you! On our Holland & Belgium River Cruise tour, you can see both the tulips and windmills as well as some of Holland and Belgium’s other famous spots including Arnhem, the favourite summer retreat of the Dutch Royal Family. You can also step into the medieval world on our Bruges walking tour. Whether you’re a history buff, a horticultural buff, or both, we’re here to help you make the most out of your cruise through Holland and Belgium with these tried and true travel tips! 1.) Bang For Your Buck! While Holland and Belgium accept most major credit cards, having a few euro (which both countries use!) on your person can be super useful. This is especially true if going into a convenience store, as some can charge a 2-6% fee on a card transaction. 2.) Dress to Impress Though the weather can be quite mild in the spring, it can also change at the drop of a hat. Speaking of hats, you may want to bring one! We also suggest a raincoat, umbrella, or boots for rainy weather. If it’s sunny, we still recommend a hat, but also a pair of sunglasses as well. 3.) It’s All English to Me! Though Dutch is the primary language of the Netherlands, they do have the highest English-language proficiency in continental Europe with 71.45% speaking English fluently. You may however want to learn words such as “windmolen” (windmill) or “tulp” (tulip)… just to impress your friends and fellow travellers! 4.) The “Real” Dutch Treat While unlimited wine is available aboard your cruise ship each night on this tour, the cheese in Holland and Belgium is not to be missed. This is all my way of saying: bring your appetite. For cheese, specifically. 5.) Picture Perfect With so many incredible sights to see—windmills and tulips being only the tip of the iceberg—you are going to want to bring your camera along with you. Whether you just use your smartphone or bring along multiple lenses, your friends and family back home will be dying to see things like the tulips, windmills, and canals of Amsterdam. Springtime in northern Europe is a can’t miss sight to see and we hope you’ll all join us on the MS Amadeus Brilliant through Holland and Belgium!

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