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Our Commitment to Your Well-being and Enjoyment

Each guest that travels with us deserves a memorable and fulfilling travel experience. And we intend to continue to deliver on that promise. Your health, well-being, and enjoyment remain our top focus — just as they have been since we started in 1918.

Our team consults with health and security experts all around the world to ensure a healthy and enjoyable travel experience. Let’s take a look into the steps we’re taking for you.

Steps We’re Taking for You

Before Your Tour

Cancel for Any Reason Waiver

Our Travel Protection Plan financially protects you in the event you need to cancel or move your trip to a different date. Learn more here

Pre-Tour Health Screenings

We will ask all travellers to complete a wellness declaration form before joining their tour.

Private Sedan Service

Your ride to and from the airport will be stocked with fresh water for every pickup and all surfaces will be disinfected daily and after every passenger.

Air Travel

Specific details will vary by airline, but standard operations typically include flight attendants wearing masks, sanitizing all surfaces between flights and physical distancing. For links to major airlines, head to the bottom of the page, or visit your airline’s website for specific information.

On Your Tour

Smaller Groups

Tours will operate with a number of empty seats to allow guests to space out for a more comfortable experience.

Your Tour Manager

We have employed new and enhanced hygiene & physical distancing protocols for tour managers. They are local experts and highly trained to handle a variety of unexpected situations — including illnesses and emergencies. They are also available 24/7 for guests throughout the tour should any situation arise.

Use of Face Coverings

Face coverings will be included with your pre-tour documents and will be required throughout many experiences on tour including the motor coach and air travel.

Motor Coach

All surfaces will be sanitized often, including regular cleaning of high-touch areas with disinfecting wipes. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times and drivers will wear protective gear when appropriate.

On-Tour Experiences

We work closely with our local partners to ensure adequate physical distancing during meals, experiences, and sightseeing. Guests may be rotated in smaller sub-groups when necessary.

On-Tour Insurance Coverages

When you purchase our Travel Protection Plan, you’ll have access to telehealth services should you need it, plus you’re covered on tour for emergency assistance, baggage loss, trip interruption, medical expenses, and more. Learn more here


We will ask all travellers to monitor their health throughout their tour, with protocols in place in the event someone becomes ill.


Specific protocols will vary from destination to destination, hotel to hotel. Overall, rooms and areas like restaurants, fitness centres, etc. will be deep-cleaned regularly, with rooms disinfected thoroughly between guests. High-traffic areas like lobbies and elevators will be cleaned hourly.

After Your Tour

Post-Tour Survey

After you get home, you’ll be able to share your opinions of your tour experience, allowing us to constantly improve for the benefit of future guests.


General Cleanliness Measures

While we recommend that guests bring their own personal protective equipment that they are most comfortable with, guests travelling with Collette will receive face coverings included in their guest documents. Hand sanitizer will be widely available for use throughout the tour, and the tour manager will be carrying a bag with a temperature scanner, additional masks, hand sanitizer and gloves.

Our Tour Managers are receiving extensive training on protocols and procedures to operate tours within recommended guidelines. They are thoroughly trained in handling social distancing and cleanliness issues and are with the group every step of the way.

Airports and airlines are all implementing various rules and procedures to ensure physical distancing and cleanliness. Airlines are using electrostatic sprayers between turns and/or daily – with the overhead storage compartments and lavatory doors open. In addition, they are wiping down the surfaces between flights to include screens, tray tables, arm rests and seat belts. Beyond that, some are eliminating the sale of middle seats for a period, others are limiting a percentage of the total seats sold on the flight, and others are making you aware if they’ve sold more than a certain percentage of the seats in the event you wish to book a different flight. Touchless experience is key – check in electronically before you arrive at the airport so all you need to do is drop off your bags at the counter. You will be provided a face covering in your Collette documents to use throughout the journey, to include the airport and flight.

You normally are allowed to bring hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag in a container up to 3.4 oz. for a flight. At this time, TSA is allowing travellers to bring a container up to 12 oz. per passenger.

Social Distancing on Tour

Yes. For the tours we have operated to date, up to 50% of the motor coach seats remained unsold to allow for physical distancing. In the immediate future, the focus is on leaving an adequate number of empty seats on the coach to allow for physical distancing. Therefore, anywhere from 30% - 50% of the coach will remain empty. As an effective vaccine becomes available and restrictions on travel are removed, we will monitor this as we continue to operate tours to strike the right balance.

In addition to leaving ample open seats on the coach for spacing out, Collette is working with local partners to help ensure that appropriate physical distancing can be maintained.

As is typical already on tour in locales where smaller groups enhance the experience, guests may be rotated in smaller sub-groups to ensure proper physical distancing and a quality experience.

We work closely with our restaurant partners to ensure physical distancing during meals – tables will be distanced apart appropriately, while still allowing for socializing during meals.

On the Coach

Just as the airlines are using sanitizing equipment including electrostatic sprayers, motor coach companies are applying similar methods for cleaning. Between groups, busses will be fully sanitized and in addition the high touch surfaces will be wiped down daily.

No, we normally stop the coach every 2 hours or so to allow people to get off the coach, move around and use rest rooms.

They will either face forward or sit a minimum of 6-feet away from anyone in the group.

At a Restaurant

Every restaurant will be different depending on its size and location. We work closely with our restaurant partners to ensure physical distancing during meals. You can expect to be spread out more and in some cases, groups will move through restaurants at staggered times in even smaller groups.

At an Attraction

Collette will be providing hands free listening devices (Vox or Whisper headsets) to allow the Tour Manager to lead the tour without having to face the group while speaking or speak loudly.

Physical distancing and face coverings will be a priority. Similar to restaurants, we will move through in smaller groups with multiple guides or arriving at staggered times as capacity constraints will play a role.

It is possible in some cases, however our goal is to keep the itinerary within expectation. Measures such as staggering visits with smaller groups can allow guests to experience the tour while meeting local regulations and guidelines.

  • Hotel greeting often done on the coach?
  • Welcome receptions?
  • Luggage Handling – loading and unloading the coach and delivery and pick up at room?
  • Elevator usage?
  • Check in procedures and distribution of keys?
  • Swimming pools and fitness centres?
  • How will lobby breakfasts or other group breakfasts be handled?
  • What amenities will be eliminated at hotels and what will remain but look different?


For all of these items, protocols will vary in each destination and with each partner depending on local government regulations, the capabilities of their property and their ability to accommodate. What we can say is physical distancing and cleanliness will be prioritized. This means self-serve buffet meals will not be happening, luggage will be wiped down between hotels, elevator usage will be limited to smaller groups, and you’ll see people wearing gloves when distributing keys or luggage.

If authorities or governments recommend or implement restrictions for visiting certain areas or entire countries that are part of the planned itinerary, we will make necessary alterations to the tour based on the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

Collette will resume operations when we are confident we can provide an experience that best meets the planned itinerary and safeguards our guest’s well-being as best as possible. This new (and temporary) way of living and operating has affected all countries and partners we work with. We are all learning how to best operate in a new way. Travel is an adventure – even during the best of times your itinerary may change depending on local events and conditions – and the adventure is part of the fun.

Guests should expect that certain attractions may remain closed, are operating but not yet open to the public, or are limiting services, hours, etc. Depending on local conditions, these changes may happen quickly and on a daily basis. We want to ensure every guest has a great time on tour, and that everyone’s health and well-being always comes first.

Health Protocol

As regulations and requirements continue to change by state and by country, it is difficult for us to say with certainty what guidelines or requirements local public health authorities will put in place in the countries we visit. We are constantly monitoring situations across the world, but you can expect to fill out a wellness declaration for Collette upon arrival regardless of your destination or point of origin.

You can rest assured that Collette has been operating tours in select regions where local government regulations permit travel and where proper health measures are in place to mitigate risk, protect our guests’ well-being, and ensure an enjoyable experience. We will notify you of necessary requirements for your destination prior to departure.

Collette consulted with medical professionals to develop a Wellness Declaration that all Collette guests will submit to the tour manager upon arrival. Questions on the declaration are as follows:

  • Have you spent 15 minutes or more within 6 feet of any person who you know to have tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 14 days? Y/N
  • Have you been instructed to isolate or been in quarantine by any governmental agency or health profession in the previous 14 days? Y/N
  • Have you travelled from, visited or transited any areas currently subject to lockdown (quarantine) as measured by local governments, the CDC or the US Department of State? Y/N
  • In the past 14 days and including today, have you had any of the following symptoms?
    • Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 degrees Celsius or chills Y/N
    • Cough that is not attributed to another condition by your doctor Y/N
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that is not attributed to another condition by your doctor Y/N
    • Sore throat that is not attributed to another condition by your doctor Y/N
    • Muscle aches that are not attributed to another condition by your doctor Y/N
    • Loss of taste or smell Y/N


At this time, Collette does not require guests to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to touring. As we have resumed tour operations, we’ve followed the recommendations of medical experts with whom we’ve consulted along with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and other appropriate government agencies and associations. Individual wellness declarations, Face coverings, physical distancing and frequent hand washing are the critical components to mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19. Collette has implemented these protocols for all tours we’re currently operating by requiring face coverings to be used on the motor coach, ensuring the motor coach operates with up to 50% of the seats empty to allow guests to space out, and wide availability of hand sanitizer throughout the tour.

The decision to travel is personal. Everything we do in life carries some measure of risk, and the decision to travel has to be weighed in the same way you would decide during these times to go out to dinner at a restaurant, go to the grocery store, or visit a recently re-opened attraction in your state. We are consulting with medical experts, various trade associations, and adopting the best practices we see to mitigate risk, but you can never eliminate it completely.

Our tour managers are trained to look out for the key symptoms. They are empowered to isolate the guest from the group and ensure they receive medical attention and are cleared before rejoining the tour.

  • Collette Tour Managers are trained to assist guests that become ill and are empowered to act accordingly to protect the health and well-being of all guests on tour.
  • If a guest, Tour Manager, or driver exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 or other significant illness, they will be isolated and required to go to a local hospital for testing.

Yes, if Collette receives a notification that an individual guest within a group became ill within 14-days from the time they returned home, we will notify the other participants. The name of the person who became ill would not be disclosed. In addition, our Tour Managers are required to provide a post tour Wellness Declaration 14-days after their tour concludes. Should we learn that a Tour Manager became ill during that time, we would notify all prior participants as well.

What You Can Do

When it comes to maintaining a healthy environment, there are many small steps you can take to ensure the well-being of your fellow travellers. Here are a few things you can do to help:

Bring a mask from home and wear it as often as you can, especially when physical distancing is difficult.

If you feel ill, or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home. If you become ill while travelling, immediately reach out to your Tour Manager.

Be considerate of physical distancing parametres and do your best to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and others.

We encourage everyone to exercise proper hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds.

We recommend checking in with a variety of sources as the worldwide situation continues to be very fluid. Stay up to date with the latest info about future departures, CDC travel guidelines, and more with the following links:

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