More about Limerick, Ireland

Journey to Ireland’s province of Munster to visit one of its cultural epicentres: the city of Limerick. Our local experts love introducing guests to the sites and attractions found within this vibrant metropolis. Amble along the quays of the River Shannon. Relish the many culinary treats at one of the city’s top-rated gastropubs. Discover the creative arts scene found both on the city streets and inside the many esteemed museums. When you visit Limerick, you’ll be enchanted by the city’s unique charm.

Why visit Limerick


Limerick has created quite a space for itself in the European food scene. From unassuming pubs serving delectable local dishes to restaurants boasting flavours from around the globe, the city is a destination for foodies eager to sink their teeth into something tasty. Here are some culinary adventures we think you’ll enjoy while journeying through Limerick.


Established by the Vikings in 922AD, Limerick has a long and fascinating history. Learn about Limerick’s medieval roots as you explore the castles, religious sites, and ancient structures scattered about the city. The following are just a few of the historic highlights we suggest you investigate while in Limerick.

Cultural Attractions

Dubbed Ireland’s first City of Culture, Limerick offers an array of museums, art galleries, and musical venues and as our local experts can tell you, the city has only grown stronger in terms of its creative offerings. Here are some cultural attractions we think are worth putting on your travel itinerary.