More about Fátima, Portugal

Whether you’re there as part of a pilgrimage or simply as a humble observer, there’s an undeniable presence in Fátima. This Portuguese town is considered holy ground; in the summer of 1917 it was the site where the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared. Since then, it’s one of the most sacred destinations to visit in Europe. Travel to this divine destination with us and discover the power of Fátima.

Why visit Fátima

Religious Sites

Listen carefully as your local expert tells you the story of the three peasant children who had several visions of the Virgin Mary. These apparitions have shaped most of what you’ll see as you explore Fátima. Visiting the following sacred places will allow you to fully appreciate the religious presence of this holy place.


If your journey has inspired you to seek out more knowledge on Fátima’s religious past, then the town’s museums may be perfect for you. Many of Fátima’s museums serve to better connect guests with the story of Christ and the holy events that occurred in this humble Portuguese town. Here’s our collection of some must-see museums in Fátima.


While many of Fátima’s major attractions are faith-based, not all that you can see here is focused on the town’s holy reputation. Explore a stately castle, explore a paleontological site, or navigate a network of caves – your local guide can suggest a variety of enthralling spots. And if you’re hungry, there’s plenty of Portuguese fare to keep you satisfied.