More about Halifax, Canada

Discover Halifax, the maritime hub and capital of Nova Scotia. This small city offers sea breezes, pristine natural spaces, and a flourishing culinary scene. When you’re a guest with Collette, all you have to do is show up. From there, we’ll help you experience the beauty and wonder found in this picturesque Canadian metropolis.

Why visit Halifax

Natural Attractions

Thanks to the Atlantic coastline, which sits alongside the length of Halifax, there’s plenty of gorgeous natural landscapes to explore. From seaside parks to lush public gardens thriving in the salty air, untouched land is easy to come by within city limits. Here are a few gems.

Historic Sites and Museums

The Mi’kmaq people, a First Nations clan, originally founded Halifax, with French settlers later establishing the colony of Acadia. Our expert guides will help you discover the history of this fascinating place and bring Halifax to life.

Food and Drink

Benefiting from its access to the ocean, the food in Halifax is known for being fresh and often caught just hours before it’s served. In addition to great seafood, the city has more bars per capita than any city in Canada, making it a great spot for nightlife. Here are a few culinary standouts we found in Halifax.