More about Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon and the surrounding northwest region offers a wonderfully eclectic mix of experiences. Here, you can kick off your morning with a hike through verdant, ferny hills, shop for stylish threads in the late afternoon, and by evening find yourself enjoying live music or theatre. Read about the array of fun Oregon has in store for you.

Why visit Portland

Natural Sites

From the majestic Cascade Mountains to the winding Willamette River, one of Portland’s biggest selling points is its proximity to enchanting natural wonders. Whether you wish to plan a day trip or join us on tour, your path will lead you to raw, untouched beauty like you’ve never seen before. Here are a few ways our travellers have connected with nature just outside of city limits.


To fully immerse yourself in Portland’s quirky vibe, many visitors opt to take a tour of one (or several) of Portland’s neighbourhoods. From historic streets dotted with Victorian homes to ultra-modern blocks that offer high-end dining and shopping, this metropolis’ overall spread is a delight to explore. The question is – where do you want to go first?

Things to Do

Between its access to fairy-tale-like natural wonders, inviting neighbourhoods, and enticing shopping and entertainment, there are plenty of ways to occupy yourself while in Portland. Whether you enjoy history or prefer the bustle of the city, your personal desires for a good time will be fulfilled. We recommend putting these places on your “must-see” list.