More about Yellowstone National Park

Head to Yellowstone – the world’s first national park – and encounter unparallelled beauty molded by Mother Nature herself. Spot wildlife in its natural habitat. See the world’s most reliable hydrothermal wonder. Hike, snowshoe or ski through incredible back country. Put down your smartphone and look around you – this is our planet in all its resplendent glory.

Why visit Yellowstone

Natural Sites

From gushing geysers and molten mud pots to towering pines and stunning canyons, the raw, natural splendours of Yellowstone are truly unforgettable. Step out of the concrete jungle and step into a pine-filled paradise.


Whether you’re invigorated by a brisk hike or prefer to quietly observe the beauty of your surroundings, there are a variety of ways to immerse yourself in the grandeur of Yellowstone. Year-round, this national park entices first-time travellers and repeat visitors eager to connect with nature. Here are some ways to do just that.


In addition to Yellowstone’s picture-perfect natural surroundings, the creatures you’ll find dwelling here make this park a true national treasure. From free-roaming bison and elk to more furtive creatures like wolves and bears, there are several hoofed and clawed mammals who call this place home. These are just some of the usual suspects you might have the pleasure of crossing paths with.