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Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina Orphanage

by Nicole Diebold

July 20, 2016

1 minute read

Earlier this week, more than 100 Collette volunteers donated their time painting over 18 rooms at the Hogar de Mercedes de Jesus Molina Orphanage.  They also cleared out an area to prepare it for planting fruit trees as well as corn, potatoes and onions.

Located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, the Hogar houses orphan girls and focuses on their health and education. In addition, they run a large lunch program for disadvantaged children in the local community.

Our team was able to spend time with the girls who live here and we were all moved by their stories and by the excitement and appreciation for our team of volunteers. The entire team agrees that this was one of the best volunteer experiences we have had and wished we had the time to stay and help more.

We were all sad to leave their smiling faces. It was very difficult to fight back the tears as we pulled away. We all hope to return someday to spend more time giving to such an important place to the local community. 

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