Keep Calm & Make a Travel Checklist 

by Alyssa Smith

August 11, 2016

3 minute read

Taking a trip is often a great way to break free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But sometimes, getting into vacation-mode can cause its own set of unique stressors. Between the packing, planning and coordinating, you might feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. To help you decompress and find some holiday zen, we’ve put together a few tips from Collette for a travel checklist that'll ensure stress-free travel on your next vacation!

1. Do Your Homework


  • Before your travel adventures commence, do a little research on the destination at hand. Whether you’re dying to experience some local cuisine or want to plan one or two side trips, taking the time on the front end of your travels to create an itinerary with essential information can be a life saver later.

2. Know Your Flight Schedule


  • Or in this case, the plane. A good rule of thumb when travelling to any major airport is to arrive two hours before your scheduled departure time. Between unexpected issues like traffic, security lines, and baggage cheques, it’s better to have time for a pre-flight cocktail than to rush the gates.

3. How to Pack Light


  • It can be hard to resist the urge to pack your life in your suitcase, but schlepping baggage around is never fun. Packing staple pieces that can be mixed and matched with other basics will help stretch your wardrobe longer and keep your bags lighter. Also remember to roll, not fold your clothes. Rolling your garments takes up less space and will make them less prone to wrinkling.

4. Put Your Phone Down


  • It’s almost become second nature to constantly check emails, social media and our text messages. But taking time to put down the phone and take in the sights, especially while on vacation, is essential. If you MUST check your phone, choose one designated time and enforce a strict time limit of half-an-hour to an hour tops.

5. Plan Your Vacation Clothes


  • The last thing you want when travelling is to feel inhibited, especially by your clothing. Wearing breathable fabrics like cotton, chambray and poly blends will keep you cool (even when you’re not). As for footwear, opt for slip on loafers or boots with zippers to save you time in the TSA line. Keep accessories like belts and jewellery to a minimum as well to avoid extra time in the security lines.

Whether you’re taking an active tour traversing through the jungles of Indochina or taking a relaxing river cruise through Belgian waterways, your next vacation should be one of pleasure and fun. With these tips along with Collette’s ability to handle all the other details, you can keep calm and travel on!

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