Guided Travel Etiquette

How to Become Your Tour Manager’s Favorite Guest

by Kristen Gilbert

August 15, 2017

3 minute read

Going on a guided tour is a little bit like being in school. In order to get the most out of your tour, you should follow a few golden rules: be punctual, be polite and be attentive. Apply what you learned in school to your tour, and you’ve got a good chance at becoming “tour manger’s pet,” but it will also guarantee that you and your fellow travellers enjoy the tour to the fullest.

Be on time


Sometimes tour groups have a carefully timed schedule, so try your best to be aware of important meeting times and don’t make your group wait.

Be a team player


Always try to be polite and help out your fellow travellers if they need a hand.

Make friends with your group


Don’t be afraid to interact with others! It will undoubtedly make the time more fun and you could potentially meet a future travel partner.

Read the itinerary


It’s definitely a smart idea to prepare yourself for the day and know what you’re doing. This will help you dress appropriately for the day’s activities, whether it means choosing modest clothes for a church or selecting a comfortable outfit for a hike.

Remember that you’re a visitor


You want to make yourself and your fellow tourists look good, so as a guest you must respect the culture you are visiting. Remember that these people are welcoming you into their lives. Respect their rules and even try to speak a few words in the native tongue. The effort will be appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to engage with your tour manager or guide


Your tour manager is an expert of the area, so he or she will be able to offer insight and answer any curious or pressing questions you might have. Also, listen to when your guide is speaking – it most likely will be something helpful and interesting.

Adapt to the environment


Look to your guide for examples and advice on the best way to immerse yourself into the local life. You may encounter cultures very different from your own, so when in doubt just go with the flow.

Be flexible


Tour groups like to stick to the itinerary as much as possible, but sometimes there are things that you can’t control. As long as you accept that unforeseen weather, technical issues, or traffic jams may arise, you’ll be all set.

Be aware of what is going on


Don’t be the only one in the group not paying attention! You might miss important information from your tour manager, the happenings of the locals’ daily lives, or some important facts about the destination.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll have a marvellous trip that goes smoothly for your whole group.

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