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Spanish: Know Before You Go

Jon Panella
by Jonathan Panella

June 18, 2019

1 minute read

So, you just booked a Spain getaway to explore the Mediterranean coastline, indulge in delicious tapas and sangria, and enjoy the warmth of the Spanish sun; but you do not know any Spanish. Well here are some helpful words and phrases to know before you go:

Basic Words:

Hello → Hola

Good-bye → Adiós

Yes → Sí

No → No

Excuse me → Perdón

Please → Por favor

Thank you → Gracias

You’re Welcome → De nada

Good → Bien

Bad → Mal


To ask for the check (at a restaurant) → La cuenta por favor

How much does it cost? → ¿Cuanto cuesta?

How do you say…? → ¿Cómo se dice…?

What time is it? → ¿Qué hora es?

Where is the bathroom? → ¿Dónde está el baño?

What is your name? → ¿Cómo te llamas?

My name is… → Me llamo…

How are you? → ¿Cómo estás?

I am well → Estoy bien

Do you speak English? → ¿Hablas inglés?

I would like… (when ordering or buying something) → Yo quiería…

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