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The Easter Egg Duel

by Briana Tikiryan

April 15, 2022

2 minute read

Growing up my family celebrated Easter a handful of different ways. Whether we were hosting dinner at our house, going out for brunch, or visiting grandparents, there were always two things that remained the same each year: enjoying delicious choreg (Armenian sweet bread) and the Easter egg duel.   

I didn’t realize this was an uncommon activity and not every family claimed an egg and dueled on Easter day, but just a common Armenian tradition, which I have come to learn Greek and a few other cultures also participate in. If you have never participated or heard of this, I encourage you to give it a try and see how fun it is!  

Once you boil and colour your eggs, each family member will choose their warrior. You want to have a nice, strong egg with a good shape as you will have to go down the line of family members to go up against. To get started, flip a coin to see who will go first. Face your opponent and start with the bottom of the egg as it is typically the strongest side. The goal is to not have both ends of your egg cracked, or you lose.  

If your opponent is going first, you want to make sure you’re holding your egg with a firm grip using your thumb and index finger to leave just a little room for your egg to get hit. Once they hit your egg and if it cracks, you flip it over to the other side and they hit it again. If your egg is cracked on both sides, you are out of the bracket. If your egg doesn’t crack, then it is your turn to hit their egg.   

Whoever leaves with at least one side not broken, they repeat the steps by moving through the ranks and face other family members. Once there are just two people left standing, the person with the egg that is not cracked wins and is commended for having the golden egg!   
So instead of just colouring your eggs and eating them, give this fun game a try and see who reigns champion!  

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