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Around the World in 10 Scoops

by Liz Deslauriers

July 15, 2022

4 minute read

Of all the “official” days we have for touting stuff, this is one I can get behind: National Ice Cream Day.


Back in ’74, President Ronald Reagan declared all of July to be National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day – so this occasion is actually legit.  While it’s technically an American thing, it’s something you can readily celebrate anywhere in the world – albeit with some slight modifications.


So, raise an ice cream scoop! Let’s map the source of 10 sweet, frosty concoctions from around the world to celebrate the love of ice cream however your travels inspire you.


📍 United States

The largest ice cream company in the world is Ben & Jerry’s based in Vermont – you can go straight the source for a tasting of inventive flavours on our Colours of New England tour. Considering that there’s a month-long tribute to ice cream in this country, it’s no surprise that the U.S. outranks most of the world for its love of ice cream – that is, except for…


📍 New Zealand

New Zealand leads the world in ice cream consumption per capita! Among the country’s many wonders to experience is its hallmark flavour, hokey pokey: a combination of vanilla ice cream and honeycomb toffee.


📍 Italy

When in Italy, it’s all about glorious gelato. While gelato is like ice cream, its rich flavours and texture are distinct. It’s a must-have for dessert here or anywhere you find it served around the world. Alternatively, you could try a granita for a true Sicilian experience.


📍 India

Indian Kulfi is a dense, milk-based dessert frozen inside molds rather than churned, in flavours such as pistachio, cardamom, and mango. Sounds delicious! Making it involves simmering milk over hours and then freezing, but that effort pays off in kulfi’s special caramelized taste.


📍 Belgium

Perhaps the only thing that could make a fresh-made Belgian waffle better would be a scoop of ice cream to go with it. You could seek out just such a treat while on tour in Belgium with us—just saying!


📍 Israel

Halva, a fudge-like candy made from sweetened seed or nut butter in variations throughout the Middle East, combines beautifully with ice cream. Perhaps you’d give halva ice cream a taste while in Tel Aviv on Collette’s Jordan & Israel tour.


📍 Japan

Mochi ice cream, a popular Japanese variation, involves a sweet rice dough wrapped around scoops of ice cream. Frozen together, it makes for a very neat little treat!


📍 Germany

This German specialty wins for most-unique presentation. Spaghettieis (spaghetti ice cream) is pressed through a pasta maker to create the noodle-like shape and topped with a berry-based red sauce. The result: a fun-to-eat sundae that looks like dinner.


📍 Mexico

The popular popsicles of Mexico, paletas, are frozen treats that can be fruity or creamy – and big on flavour. Named for the stick the treat is on, you’ll find you’re holding only that in a matter of licks.


📍 Thailand

I-Tim-Pad (or rolled ice cream) is a street food invention from Thailand, gaining popularity around the world. Frosty flavours are kneaded with paddles, rolled into neat spirals, and packed into a cup for a lovely presentation and tasting experience.


So, wherever you are (or wish you were right now), celebrate ice cream all month (or at least for a day) with any frozen dish you wish. From my homebase in Rhode Island, USA, I’ll be sure to make a little trip to a local ice cream shop this July along with my 4-year-old (who’s a chocolate-ice-cream-with-sprinkles kind of kid). As for myself, I’m thinking a classic ice cream sundae is in order.

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