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Which Kind of Traveller Are You

by Liz Deslauriers

November 23, 2022

1 minute read

Everyone has a type, and Collette has a type of tour for every traveller. In the spirit of the holidays, we rounded up a special list of tours to bring you more travel and joy!

Which type of traveller sounds the most like you? Open our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide or click on the traveller types below now to unwrap tours with your name on them!

12 Travellers of Christmas
The History Buff
The Foodie
The Winter Wanderer
The Seabreeze Seeker
The Railway Fan
The Nature Lover
The Changemaker
The Seasoned Traveller
The Newish Traveller
The Unpack Once Explorer
The Epic Journeyer
The Event V.I.P.

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