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Is solo travel right for you? The answer is yes.

Liz Lee
by Liz Lee

July 25, 2022

2 minute read

A simple Google search will tell you there is no shortage of inspirational quotes about the joys of travelling solo. Lots of stuff about getting lost and finding yourself, being fearless and independent, and seizing the day. This is all well and good, but the truth is, sometimes we travel alone out of necessity. Sometimes we can’t find anyone who’s available to go with us. Sometimes we don’t know any travellers with a shared interest in our destination of choice. And that’s okay. Because as it turns out, there are amazing benefits to travelling solo.


Whatever your reasons are for going alone, we at Collette think guided tours are the perfect way to experience your first solo trip. Are we a little bit biased? Yes. Do we have years of experience in the business to substantiate this claim? Also yes.


The thing is, when you take a solo guided tour, you get to reap the benefits of solo travel—being more present, gaining confidence in your own travel abilities, and doing whatever you please without consulting anyone else—while also having the option of being in the company of others. In fact, many travellers say they’re more likely to make new friends when travelling solo since they’re more likely to strike up conversations with strangers. And of course, a guided tour means logistics like transportation, lodging, and reservations have all been taken care of, so you can relax more and worry less.


So, where to? If solitude is what you’re after, why not journey to the “land of fire and ice” and spend a week searching for the magical northern lights in Iceland? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see the redwood forest—you can do that on our Pacific Northwest and California tour—and explore Seattle, the Oregon coast, and San Francisco while you’re at it. Or maybe you’re ready to visit Rome and the Amalfi Coast where you can see the Colosseum and the ruins of Pompeii, then revel in your newfound independence at a winery at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.


Wherever you’re headed, give us a call at 877.913.8687 to book that solo trip or see your travel professional and ask for Collette. And while you’re out there in the world, who knows—you might even come up with a few inspirational quotes of your own.

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