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AARP members, are you looking for an immersive travel experience that puts you at the heart of a destination? Then make your next getaway a Collette Spotlights tour. Get to know your chosen destination as intimately as the locals do. From discovering the best local brasserie in Paris to taking in a Broadway show in New York City, Collette Spotlights tours bring into focus the culture, history and cuisine that make these places special. You'll unpack just once and settle in, and you'll still have access to a Tour Manager and planned excursions to each city’s must-see destinations and hidden gems. So, whether there’s a city you love but have yet to fully explore, or you’re simply looking for a shorter trip of 5–8 days, Spotlights tours allow you to experience the true essence of a destination.

For reservations, call Collette at 800.437.0241 or contact your travel professional

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As an AARP member you save on tours across all seven continents.

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With an average of 18 guests, these personal adventures offer a new perspective on the world.

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Featured Tours

Spotlight on New Orleans

Enjoy a single hotel stay in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter amidst jazz, streetcars, and an unmistakable "joie de vivre" that can only be found in this spectacular city.

From $1,299* PP  |  5 Days • 6 Meals

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Spotlight on Tuscany

Discover the rolling hills of Tuscany as you take a relaxing sojourn through the vineyards, medieval towns, and enchanting cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa, and San Gimignano.

From $1,299* PP  |  9 Days • 10 Meals

Tour Detail

Spotlight on New York City

Experience the best of 'the Big Apple' from Rockefeller Center to Greenwich Village. Start spreading the news!

From $1,799* PP  |  5 Days • 5 Meals

Tour Detail

Spotlight on South Dakota The Black Hills & The Badlands

Discover the spirit of the American West and come to know the legends of the past.

From $1,699* PP  |  7 Days • 9 Meals

Tour Detail

Spotlight on London

London’s bustling city streets lined with lovely gardens, interesting museums, cherished monuments and beautiful theaters will have you captivated at every turn as you tour this timeless metropolis.

From $1,299* PP  |  7 Days • 6 Meals

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